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    • Please join me in welcoming Botanique cofounders Amanda Pierce and Ashley Santora to Cake! A bit about them: Amanda has successfully run her own production business and has been working in the events industry for over 10 years.  Specializing in event decor and design, she has worked with clients across the US, including Rolling Stone Magazine, Inc., Cynthia Rowley, Clinton Foundation, Nitro World Games and MGM International to name a few.  After re-connecting with Ashley Santora her college roommate and a professional artist, they co-founded Botanique in 2018, a floral and design studio. Botanique specializes in floral and decor for social, corporate, and non-for-profit events as well creating brand activations and immersive experiences.  Amanda’s love for production and her background in event design quickly translated into beautiful floral arrangements while offering clients a professional and well-planned event experience. Throughout their first year of business they have quickly grown into a top florist in NYC and have a growing client list including WeWork, Bustle, La Croix, JAG Models, Neon Coat and Slack.

      Welcome Amanda and Ashley!

    • While working in events I was consistently finding myself focusing on design and then I was getting hired specifically for this, naturally I was drawn to flowers for their beauty and flexibility in enhancing any event. I apprenticed under a florist for awhile and understood from the very beginning that my event production background would come in very handy considering how labor intensive floral work can be. For me flowers have been the perfect marriage of challenging me with consistent logistical planning while also getting to express myself artistically.

    • For me it was an extension of my practice and expression. Coming from a fine art background it was a natural progression to put my focus here. Having an understanding of texture, shape, and color I saw it as another medium that was three dimensional.

    • I always appreciated the emphasis of respect that Ikebana draws upon. That while working with flowers it is important to understand they are alive and that there is an exchange of energy and respect in showcasing the arrangement with every stem being purposefully placed.

    • I don't feel that we have a signature piece per se but rather a philosophy that aims to exemplify the organic and natural shape of flowers into our work. Having said that it is also about what our clients want so if they prefer a look that is a little bit more modern or monochromatic for instance, we are able to accommodate that style of floral as well.

    • Ranunculus because they have a specialty look to them and a great shape that can elevate any arrangement. We also feel that roses are a nice option as well because they can look dramatic and interesting in any piece just by artfully pulling back their petals. Wax flower is also a great addition as it has a wild look and smells amazing!

    • Pampas, feathers and painted florals are making a big presence in floral design. Also, flowers that once seemed in poor taste to use like baby's breath or carnations are now more readily used as main flowers vs. filler floral and also as full installations which we are really excited about. Additionally there is an overall shift of understanding how to be more mindful and sustainable within the industry which we aim to adopt over the next few years as well.

    • The use of mixed mediums and bringing floral into a structure that might not necessarily have floral to begin with. One's use of color and visual weight are impactful pillars of floral design and it is always impressive to see that brought to life.

    • We look to collaborate with photographers often as they are able to capture the color and feel we aim to portray. What we are often looking to showcase is not only the full scale arrangement or installation but also the smaller details that make up the whole.

    • We love collaborating with photographers because capturing our work is so important for us on many levels. We use our imagery to build our portfolio and it's also nice to look back over a year and see how we have both grown as artists and what new tools we have picked up while designing. I am constantly taking pictures with my phone but of course that doesn't compare to having professional images taken. I think Ashley and I can both agree that we like for our work to be photographed in the most natural lighting and not be over filtered or edited in anyway because flowers have so much beauty even in their imperfections.

    • One of the most exciting jobs that we did this year was the Bustle Rule Breakers Event during the Summer. Not only did it focus on individuals within their industries who make their own rules, which we are all about, but we had the opportunity to build a living plant wall for St. Ives, a full floral sampling bar, fill a bathtub with florals and also provide all of the centerpieces and palms for the event. It was one of those labor intensive but extremely rewarding weekends for us.

    • Every project comes with its own challenges and rewards but sometimes it is the floral itself that can be most difficult to work with. Greenery that you never knew had thorns, like springeri, baby blue eucalyptus, or cactus are all great to work with but if not handled correctly will leave your hands raw for days. So while flowers are beautiful to work with they can also be labor intensive as well. It truly is a labor of love!

    • We are a female owned business and are excited to not only empower one another but also other women within the industry and often times the many events that we are apart of are promoting this message as well. We also work with a lot of vendors and many if not most of them are women owned so its a nice community to be a part of.

    • I think a lot of people hear floral designer and assume that maybe we only provide florals for weddings and other social or corporate affairs but we do so much more than that. We offer bouquet deliveries, plant therapy and floral subscriptions for your home and office, pop-up activations, workshops and are also able to create fully immersive experiences for brands. We can customize any type of of installation to meet the needs of an event or client. And although our home base is NYC, we have experience traveling across the US doing design and floral decor for many clients so we are excited and happy to travel for new opportunities.