one of the things i like to do is make behind the scenes posts about how i create my work and also creating speed edit videos that accompany them. i love to teach others and enjoy sharing my knowledge to whomever is interested in learning

with that said, this is the behind the scenes posts for my image The Conjuring

the story 
the shot itself is one that i have had kicking around in my head for some time about a perhaps Victorian man in search of dark powers and coming into possession of a box containing such evil. this might possibly lead to a full series as i have more stories tied to it 

setup and lighting 
i used a total of four lights for this shot and a mix of studio strobes and speedlites. 

 i had one overhead strip bank with an alien bee B800 to give an overall cast of light to the scene. set back far and in front of the camera 

i had another alien bee gelled orange to light the front of the box and to cast an upward shadow on the wall behind me 

directly behind me low to the ground i had another alien bee strobe gelled blue with a stage light modifier on it to cast light up behind me and highlight the rim of the hat to make it stand out against the background

 finally in the box on the table, i had a 580EXII speedlight gelled heavily green to blast the green glow up towards me 

i used my 85mm for the shot though i wish i had a wide angle as it would have given it more depth in my opinion with that extra bit of added lens distortion 

for the candles i took a separate longer exposure shot with no strobes to capture their ambient light cast on the table itself 

 once i had what i needed it was off to photoshopia to work some magic. for the ethereal sculls i used the same scull i shot for Death in my four horsemen piece and used the smudge tool and the puppet warp tool to blend stretch and warp them into what you see in the final piece. i employed the same technique for the wispy green smoke as well 

final thoughts 
 i was happy to finally get this shot out of my head and into my camera and loved the process of creating it 

if you want to see more behind the scenes processes of how i create the art i share please visit my Godriguezart youtube channel for more speed edits and know that i am available for individualized photoshop training as well and you can find all that information via my website

the speed edit of this image can be found here