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    • I used to buy 3-4 motorbike magazines a month, waited eagerly for the latest news and reviews of bikes.

      For the last few years I only bought one magazine ( adventure bike rider). I've found that the latest bike reviews are online so fast that magazines are out of date.

      Vloggers are being invited to bike launches, @Chris has recently attended the launch of Triumph's bikes in Morocco for example.

      Vloggers are getting access to manufacturer bikes and reviewing them before the magazines and do provide an in depth review.

      They also do some fun stuff, example below. Do you miss magazines or are they "old school" and soon to be forgotten?

    • In general, I have been relying more and more on independent vloggers for their reviews. There are many to choose from on YouTube, and the production quality for some surpasses even those in magazines.

      As far as opinions and biases, often one can tell from if the reviewer are paid to say, or they are free to share their opinion. I also like that in written or vlogged reviews are not hard-bound by traditional frameworks like how many words per article or how many minutes per video the review should be. At least this is my perception.

    • Haven't bought a paper magazine in years. I much prefer reading the info online/digitally.

      Planes v Bikes? Can't pick just one since I use both.

      Get a Pilatus PC-12 or, if you're a true Overlander, a PC-6 to stuff your friends, moto or MTBs inside and adventure on!

    • I have been vlogging bikes since 2006 on You Tube. Currently at 8.5k subscribers and 8,140,324 video views in total, but nowadays I only produce when I have nothing much else to do.

      Enthusiasm only carries it so far. Mainly because ...

    • I still read magazines but there are fewer around and the quality has gone down hill for many of them. Not much into vlogs. It’s such a linear medium, meaning that you can’t easily skim past the less useful parts like you can with a magazine. But I suppose it depends on the vlogger: I used to devour the video ramblings of a FANG data scientist who worked at Facebook, and I found his vlog entries to be quite useful and engaging.

    • Damn. Sorry I missed this thread from earlier!

      I think we can all agree that print is dying but I don't think it will or has to go extinct... Actually now I subscribe to several print magazines. Gear Patrol, Hoodinkee, Iron & Air, META.

      There's a place for it. I think a lot about where the gaps are in the world of adventure motorcycles and we've been thinking about doing a one-time printed Journal for the site supporters of ADVrider...

      Adventure Rider Journal. What should we put in it?

      @Shay I think reviews are best served on the internet. I think there's an opportunity to focus on inspiration and aspiration. Stories and photography that really pop in printed form on nice quality paper and limited ads. Wide shots of riding in Morocco @Chris ...

      I feel like it would be special to connect with the ADV community in a new way.

      I can see how the math for companies like Bonnier that are struggling can be tricky, but I've spoken to enough printers, fulfillment companies that I also KNOW that a niche publication is very viable if done correctly. A similar approach to one we've been developing on the homepage of ADV for 18 months.

      But what does the audience want? We covered the end of MCN sadly and there was a lot of thoughts on what people liked and didn't. They had at one time in their glory days 50,000 subscribers monthly.