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    • This past weekend was Nevada Preservation Foundation's annual Home + History event....this event was spawned four years ago and I have been one of their marketing partners beginning three years ago. This is a pretty atypical non-profit that cannot ever really justify a $ line-item for photography despite IMHO professional photography could be attributed a significant portion of successful and future marketing efforts.

      As with alot of things I get my hooks in, I saw they did not really have an official photographer but also saw a great opportunity to help extend their brand via swag; sort of a standard for events, especially in Las Vegas. So, I provide all the swag, t-shirts and do all their commercial printing for this event and in return I act as their event photographer.

    • Personally, I am now not a hard-core MCM fan, but, it is really cool. AND, all the accouterments that come with the vintage culture.

      One part that I enjoy and the patrons enjoy is my creative bursts to place them in shots.

    • For the most part, the homeowners are very cool and very interesting. And, not necessarily old enough to have grown up with this. The Vintage is hawt right now! The homeowners were the absolute coolest in every regard. So gracious. They had free buttons and soda water....

    • And, going vintage isn't just about their homes....this same couple had a vintage 1957 Airstream trailer in their backyard. I got these crazy ladies to jump in for a shot. LOL

    • I normally would probably not be pre-disposed to do a walking tour but they are really cool. And, for Las Vegas, just 30+ years ago anyone and everyone you had heard of probably had a home like this.

    • Another event was held at the classic Binion's hotel. I am not a casino guy and rarely go to the strip but this was a "hard-hat" tour that gave us access to all these restricted areas where Binion's is refurbishing over 80's rooms from the 40's in their original vintage style. I was not allow to take any photos but the history of Binion's have the 2nd elevetor in Nevada and also the first hotel to offer A/C in the lobby upon check-in. It was a really cool tour.

      But, taking a photo of the pretty girl always wins. LOL

    • The client give me 100% creative license and so I am always composing and these girls looked so hip...and, they all had retro cameras. So, this was the shot!

    • I guess Michael Jackson rented this home as he was preparing for his ONE show. I heard from the tour that he would access his home from a secret tunnel. Glad I am an average Joe. hahahah

    • When I am shooting all the homes, I like to just stand still and look at the almost microscopic compositions of texture, colors and mediums. These homeowners into the vintage go to amazing lengths and most people notice the smallest details.

      Not sure why I think this is such a funny shot, but, the orange rotary phone seemed like an amazing prop. This dude was rolling with two great looking gals and they had to encourage him to trust me in the shot. It almost does not look composed in 2019 but I think it looks like a Johnie Carson bit. hahahahha

    • After doing this for three years, it has finally effected me enough that I realize how each and every city and community have the opportunity similar to this to visit the vintage history of years past. Growing up in Cupertino and Saratoga, can you imagine visit the home of Steve Job and Wozniak as a small portion of an event. There is so much history in the Bay area from the 50's and 60's (Whaddup Mr. Hewlett and Mr. Packard?).

    • Last but not least....when you actually get to meet an original homeowner...this lady was the original owner after the Dam was built....she was so sweet and willing to do a portrait shot. Her warm face exudes everything you would want to feel from a person. If you have a similar type of events in your community, I would highly encourage to DO THE TOUR. Really gets you vested in your backyard!