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    • This museum, with all its curves, shapes and reflections is a photographer's playground! I was even luckier to have incredible light and clouds in the sky.

      I'm usually not a big fan of anything "contemporary", which I often fail to understand (if there is actually anything to understand). But this building, despite its chaotic architecture, is just a fun place to walk around, capture different angles and find shapes for abstract shots.

      The museum was finished in 1997, and is located in the city of Bilbao, north of Spain.

    • Wow, how did I not know about such an amazing museum? Your post got me searching Google for more and yours is definitely the most beautiful shot I found, by far. I did find all kinds of intriguing details about the museum, however (this shot is from Wikipedia).

      Do you have other shots of the museum?

    • What I'm curious about is how it works as an art museum. It's certainly a striking building, but what are the galleries like? The Guggenheim in NYC is a great example of the potential problem. It's a wonderful structure, but you could put the complete works of Michaelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci in it and the building would still overpower the art. Which I suspect is what Frank Lloyd Wright intended. It would make a stellar aquarium though. It's certainly possible to combine striking architecture with good exhibition space, but it's not automatic.

    • Beautiful!!!

      Years ago, I made a special trip to go see this museum when I met my two daughters after they attended a Summer Abroad program in Spain. As I recall, it is quite cavernous inside. Truly, the architecture constantly asserts a major influence on one’s perception and experience. However, when I was there, they had an amazing exhibition of Richard Serra’s large sculptures (and I mean LARGE). It was the perfect venue for such an exhibition. Very memorable! (Notice the curator standing in the foreground of this exhibition photo.)

    • That is great! I didn't get the chance to see inside as I was in Bilbao for an assignment. But it's interesting to see the difference between the inside and outside!

    • That is a good question. I didn't get to walk in, due to lack of time (I was on an assignment), but Lidja's comment below gives an idea of how it looks and I think she kinda confirms your thoughts.

    • Thanks!
      Yes of course, I shot this with my Canon 6D at 21mm (Sigma lens), f/11, and 1/4s. I was on a tripod obviously :D
      This was taken in the evening, just as the sun was setting. I was lucky to have a beautiful sky in the background. Those clouds made the photo!

    • Haha, yes that spider statue is pretty famous. It's called "mother" and probably more insta-famous than the museum!
      I took a shot of it at night.