Last week I spent a couple hours reading into the wonderful world of multi-channel funnels (MCF) as part of my CIM diploma. I’d always seen the coversions part of Google Analytics and had even set up a goal or two for tracking successes, but I have never taken the time to learn about multi-channel funnels and what it can do for me.

I’ve still got a lot to learn but I thought I would share my findings with you.

MCF is essentially a method of tracking a user across a 30 day period to see which channels they used and in what order before converting.

I set up a goal on the Keystone ( Google Analytics as part of my Home Grange marketing campaign. Every time someone completed a form to request more information, it shows as a conversion. In total we've had 308 conversions, with 108 of those being assisted conversions (where a user has visited the site more than once before converting).

Looking at the attached graphic we can see that as expected the customer journey required for a high-value purchase such as a house is often not so straight forward. A huge emphasis is put on users searching the web during that information gathering stage. This is where SEO and PPC advertising is best utilised. Facebook and email marketing is really used to push a user through the funnel, to move them into considering and purchase. A high number of direct referrals shows good brand retention and probably a sign of a good integrated mix of online and offline marketing activities.

We know that 65% of our conversions took place with just one interaction on our website (helped by making changes to the landing page to include things like a request for more information form, making it easier for people to convert).

But a massive 35% needed 2 or more interactions before converting. (Interestingly 5.5% needed more than 12 interactions before converting).

Interestingly 79% of those who converted did so on the same day. So users visited multiple times in the same day. The other 10% took between 12 and 30 days to convert.

I’d be interest to know more about how you use multi-channel funnels and if you have any tips I should consider.