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    • If you've been following Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019, you'll undoubtedly know about the folding phones which stole the show. Both Samsung and Huawei are two of the biggest names in the smartphone industry, and both unveiled what they believe will be the future of smartphones.

      Samsung's Galaxy Fold was announced first, and as expected it got a lot of tempered excitement from journalists and enthusiasts alike. If anything, this was mostly due to the fact that Samsung didn't allow anybody to touch the device. Everything we know is merely from what Samsung told us, and from hand-off videos and photos.

      This however, wasn't the case with Huawei's Mate X, as some journalists got to experience the device first hand.

      As you can see there are two ways to approach the "foldable phone". Samsung's approach which has one big screen inside the fold, and a smaller external display for when the phone is closed. We then have Huawei's approach where the device just has one large external display, which can be used as a tablet when opened, or as a more traditional full-screen smartphone when closed.

      Both approaches have their own pros and cons. Samsung's external screen is a poor smartphone experience, but the inner display will be protected. Huawei's single external display works well both open and closed, but with the display being on the outside it will be more prone to damage. There are also cons which both approached share, such as the fold/crease in the middle of the displays.

      As these are both first gen products, it's expected that many flaws will be apparent, and the prices are extremely prohibitive, but you can't deny that the future of smartphones looks extremely exciting. Imagine pulling a smartphone sized device from your pocket, using it as a phone to send text messages to friends, then unfolding it to watch a YouTube video on a larger display. Wow.

      What do you think? Are you excited at the potential future of smartphones? Would you prefer an "innie" like Samsung's Galaxy Fold, or an "outie" like Huawei's Mate X (which is what I prefer)? Or do you think this is an experiment that is bound to fail?

    • I like the look and form factor of the Mate X a lot more than the Galaxy Fold, but I agree that it seems like a potential damage sponge.

      When folded there will be screens on both sides, so putting it in your pocket or setting it down seems like an invitation for scratches. And there's no way to put a case on the thing, so good luck not dropping it!

      And that price...yikes. 💸