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    • please share your greatest phots whilst doing what we love....riding bikes. This photo was on my commute to work in Leicester UK we stopped for breakfast at the top of old John in bradgate Park. It certainly sets you up for the working day. Now the seasons are changing we look back and think did we really ride that as we’re looking out of the window into the doom and gloom.

      We’re luck enough to see things most don’t out on the trails. At 5am we own the trails !

    • Beautiful! I'm in California and get to ride often in the Santa Cruz mountains overlooking the Pacific Ocean to the west and the SF Bay Area to the east. This is looking north.

    • My eBike is an essential part of my photo outfit...I use it to take me places in the area where I photograph regularly. This shot was actually taken in a little strip of cover between a strip-mall and a drainage channel in Kennebunk, Maine. Sony RX10iv. Processed in Polarr.

    • hello Mr. C! I'm GCRAD1 over on ADVrider too! Basically GCRAD1 everywhere! Great read on the history of ADVrider and great to know my beloved Flickr is in your hands as well! Just got back from a moto day in Big Bear!

    • even though I live in Costa Mesa, CA I find all the dirt trails nearest me and try to make as many little 1-day adventure trips as possible!

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