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    • There is a lot of detail in the sets and make up that flies by pretty fast that is not obvious at the first viewing. I thought the make up of the radiated workers was superbly done, but the town and buildings seemed a bit drab at first. I didn’t realize this was a Soviet paradise to many of the people who worked there.

      But after I read Midnight in Chernobyl, I noticed a lot more like the decorative stone/ceramic wall murals or decorations in several buildings and the swimming, pool I think, which demonstrated things not typical in most Soviet towns or smaller cities.

      I never connected the disaster at Chernobyl to the demise of the USSR either 25 years ago, but the extent of the tragedy that occurred, and the others in the 16 other RBMK reactors that could have, do help explain the events that followed more clearly.

      I will have to watch the series again to see what I missed the first time