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    • I finished watching it yesterday and was in complete awe. The bravery and sacrifice of men and women to fix the error, the unraveling of the mystery of how it came to be. It's a master class in story telling and extremely well made. I listened to the podcast, where they interview the showrunner/writer and he goes very in depth about the history and what dramatic choices they had to make that differed from what actually happened. If you haven't checked the podcast out yet, do yourself a favor and give it a go. Truly breathtaking what sacrifices were made because of someone's hubris. Just for funsies, I'll be watching The Hot Zone next, which has potential. Haven't read what anyone had to say about it, but figure I'd rather go in with my own fresh take.

    • Yes, an incredible piece of storytelling. I grew up in 80s communist Yugoslavia (which was not Soviet Union but firmly in Eastern-European sphere), and sets, art direction, costumes, even colour grading, it's so freaking on point, it's amazing. Dresses, eyeglasses, hairdos, cars, apartments, hospitals... That's *exactly* how 'high communism' looked like.

    • Thanks for the heads up and review. Will definitely have to check this out... hopefully they'll release a DVD version for us rural, broadband-deficient folks.

    • Just finished episode 3 and wow -- it is so well done -- the grey and drab contrasted with the horror of the burns is startling. And the science Vs politics is also amazing.