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    • Due to the Maths Weekend panel I’m hosting, I decided to move up this Sunday’s user panel to today.  Please and thank you for adjusting accordingly.


      For interview suggestions, don’t give me someone who’s already been interviewed a gazillion times like author Stephen King.

      Bonus points for suggestions of someone fascinating but whom most people haven’t heard of.

      Tell me why you recommend them.


      Note: Want to suggest an idea 💡 for a future panel? My DMs ✉️ are open on my “apm” Twitter account:

    • Have you heard of Toronzo Cannon? He's a Chicago city bus driver. Check him out.

      I'd ask him if he is more inspired to write by hearing or seeing, his views on the current state of the industry and pay-to-play models for new artists, who he'd like to jam with next, what he thinks of the blues sounds of new female artists such as Jackie Venson and Ally Venable, if he started learning guitar with any specific goals in mind, if he can share any tips for making practice more effective, and if he is getting any special bus routes now that he's famous!

    • I'd like to tell you a person to interview in a cake panel but it's hard for me from Italy. I'll just read on.
      However Jain's advice seems really interesting. Toronzo Cannon looks like a great candidate for your panel

    • Vanderbilt University Philosophy professors Robert Talisse and Scott Aikin who are co-authors of a forthcoming book called Political Argument in a Polarized Age. (They also host the video podcast Philosophy15). I heard them interviewed recently on CBC Radio about the decline and fall of effective political discourse, and it was a bit of an eye opener.

    • I'd like to tell you a person to interview in a cake panel but it's hard for me from Italy.

      Imagine that we could get a translator to transcribe their thoughts in English.

      Who is someone, or multiple someones, that you’d love to have on a panel, @margot ?

      Are you familiar with the Instagram artist, ISABELITAVIRTUAL? She was featured in Vogue Italia’s ‘A Glimpse at PhotoVogue’ exhibition.

      I would love to have a panel discussion with her and other Instagram artists on how they come up with their ideas. Who else I’d love to invite to this panel?





    • Well my question to you Stephen is have you been interviewed on Cake as of yet? If not, this would be my recommendation to help learn more about the one bringing this level of engagement to the Cake community. Curious to hear your thoughts on this.

    • Well my question to you Stephen is have you been interviewed on Cake as of yet? If not, this would be my recommendation to help learn more about the one bringing this level of engagement to the Cake community.

      You and I have had the pleasure of chatting during the making of our soon to be released interview, part 1 of Inside the Mind of A Tech Humanist. And I’ve shared during our discussions that I’ve been doing interviews on and off for the past 18 years and have published interviews on my blog and elsewhere with film directors, screenwriters, producers, authors and inventors. I am not shy about being on the other side of the interview but I’ve just always been fascinated about learning more about people, especially when I can ask a question that no one in their circle had ever thought to ask before: people are much more than what others perceive of them. Cake often makes me feel like a kid in a candy store with all the meaningful conversations I have here on a regular basis. One of these days I might be open to sitting down to be interviewed by @Chris , but for now I’m too busy having fun interviewing and moderating panels with fascinating folks.

      But thank you for the kindness in asking.


    • I will look forward to that day then!!! My runner up would be Malcolm Gladwell. I know he is a little too obvious but I would engage him specifically around his theories on strong link vs. weak link funding of collegiate institutions. Basically arguing to spread the billons raised for large institutions to smaller universities and colleges. Something I believe is a vital approach for society as a whole. He did an entire podcast episode on this theory and it was fascinating.

      I would love to learn more from him on this in a panel discussion format.

    • I don't follow instagram but I like the stories of people who have been able to build a future with the imagination of their ideas and strength of character. I read good tips for an interesting panel here, I'll be here to follow and maybe soon I'll read an interview with StephenL!

    • Have you heard of Toronzo Cannon? He's a Chicago city bus driver. Check him out

      I have not but from the video it’s obvious that he is definitely a talented guitarist. The work life balance of Chicago Transit Authority employee by day and band leader by night is intriguing. And his drummer has a nickname that warrants a panel slot as well: Melvin "Pooky Styx" Carlisle.

      I’ve never interviewed a musician before and I’d want to find a few Rolling Stone interviews with other bands to get a sense of what a “good” interview feels like. I’m extremely craft-focused and would have a blast interviewing the Wrecking Crew on how they created the hits as the studio band for countless recording artists in the 1960s and 1970s. (Loved the documentary on Hulu.)

      I also was mesmerized by the documentary Searching for Sugarman which has a similar vibe to Toronzo’s story.

      Satan & Adam is another documentary I recently watched on Netflix that was on a blues duo that started on the streets of Harlem in the 1980s.

      I think your questions are insightful and it’s clear that you know this domain, @Jain . I think it would be interesting to ask your questions of a panel of multiple music artists with similarly unique work-passion gig experiences. How does the job feed their muse? Does Toronzo Cannon come up with songs based on the people or experiences he witnesses while driving the bus? Does he ever get gigs because of who he meets, ie does bus driving propel or maintain his fame? Probably a weird question to ask but sometimes those uncover the best stories.
      I’d also love to include on the panel a regular on Cake who would be a good fit. There are some folks here who’ve been lurking of late but who have some incredibly interesting backgrounds that make them perfect for future panels, assuming I can convince them. 🤞

    • I have a new recommendation for someone to engage with for a panel discussion. This would be Kate Oneill who inspired me to use the title Tech Humanist. Her twitter handle is @Kateo

      @paulduplantis , I’m unfamiliar with this person. Can you please tell me more about who this person is and why you recommend them?


    • Kate is an author and speaker on technology and the human condition.

      More from here site to give you a bit of an overview.

      The Mindful Technology Values

      The Mindful Technology value system infuses every ounce of our work. We believe that technology can help make the world a better place –– and through these values, we teach exactly how to get there.  

      This carefully crafted list of values encompasses all of the ways in which we can direct our product development to ensure that people are put before machines; that true, person-to-person engagement is valued above all; and that the technology we are building is helping–not harming–the world around us. 

      She has 32,000 followers on Twitter and is pretty engaging in her style of communication. She comes across as a regular Joan. And I believe what she is fighting for is an important piece in the next evolution of the web. To embrace the human element with technology as an assist not the other way around!!!

    • She has 32,000 followers on Twitter and is pretty engaging in her style of communication.

      Kate O’Neill sounds like she would be a fascinating guest on a panel. However, I did want to stress that number of followers on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook groups, etc. is not what draws me to who I want to interview or ask to be a guest on a panel. I currently have interviews in the works with folks with over 50,000 followers on social media and folks with less than a few hundred. I’ve interviewed or had on panels people with zero followers, i.e. no social media presence, and I’d happily have them back for another panel.

      Because at the end of the day it’s about creating conversations that are so fascinating that you wish it went on for another hour.

      I’d like to think I achieved that with the maths panel last weekend, as well as with others from the past year, but if not then at least it was always the intent.

      Robert Scoble wrote an interesting essay on Cake about the power of Cake’s panels. The fact that he has 250,000 followers on Twitter is irrelevant: he’s a brilliant dude and someone I’d kill to have conversation with over lunch on the future of technology.

      I think a panel with Kate O’Neill, @Scobleizer and a less well known but equally brilliant domain expert on the future of technology could be an amazing panel experience. I think there would be questions that haven’t been asked before and insights that haven’t been previously shared.

      Sorry if this comes across as a rant. I know I asked why you recommended O’Neill, and sharing the size of her fan base is data. But I hope I never invite someone onto a panel solely because they are an “influencer”. Matt Damon did a five page article in Barron’s about a year ago that had nothing to do with his fame. It was about a charity he started several years ago that raised $50 million to provide clean water in homes in Africa. It was fascinating because he and his executive director had to figure out how to come up with a scaleable solution. They also figured out how to get sanitary toilets into the home, including arranging microfinance loans for the homeowners. I assumed Matt Damon was smart, but it was obvious from the interview that he was actively involved in achieving the solutions. If he had been talking about the latest Bourne film, he probably would’ve brought in a million more hits on the Barron’s website, but I think reading about his charity was more interesting. To me at least.

      I definitely appreciate all the guests that have been suggested by you, @Jain , @Apocryphal and others. I’ll do my best to start working on putting together some interesting panels over the next few months.