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    • The paradigm that revolutionized medicine for decades is bad bugs have invaded us, we need to kill them. And keep them out.

      But now we’re learning that 99% of them were good for us, maybe even essential. And now they’re not in us. So now life-saving treatments are all about putting them back. Ewwww.

    • It's pretty incredible how some diseases we thought were incurable get cured fast when the right bacteria or worms get injected in us (ewwww is right). 💩

      Here's the story of a kid who contracted a lethal flesh-eating bacteria that was antibiotic resistant, so he really didn't have any traditional medical treatments to save his life. They took his brother's poop, put it up his nose, and within a couple hours he was permanently cured. 😲 Wtf?

    • They’re not certain how he got infected, but they believe that Bouton, who is from Florida and had a surgery a few weeks before noticing symptoms, might have ingested infected water at a pool or amusement park.

      And people ask me why I won’t swim in public pools. 🤢

    • That's where my theory of immunity comes in. I believe the risks from exposure are lower than of living a more sanitary life.

      For example, most of us will visit a hospital someday, which seem to be ground zero for infections. When that day comes, we need the strongest immune systems possible, and a growing body of evidence suggests the way to get a strong immune system, besides diet, exercise and sleep is...exposure. Kinda yucky and counterintuitive. 🐛 🐾

    • Gross! I don't care if you're right, I'm a compulsive hand sanitizer and cleanliness freak. I can't even think about shopping cart handles and pre-schools. Yuck.

    • I honestly think this is really beautiful. Both from an artistic perspective, and a biological one. The world is so full of life that presumably wants to eat us, but our skin and immune system keeps them at bay or makes sure they're at least helping us out! :P