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    • Google Maps is the go-to app for plotting your route, be it local, national or international, but it has certain limitations.

      All Google has allowed you to add for actual locations is ten places, we want to go to more, a lot more.

      As it stands this is it!

      if you look at the bottom of the list there is a + symbol to add more cities/ locations but its blanked out, Google says your done.

      ...but are you? No!

      By looking into the Google code and doing a little some research I found a workaround, and I'm not the first to do this, so I take zero credit for it, I'm just sharing information.

      This is how it works, to be able to add up to 25 locations instead of ten it is actually very simple.

      Firstly what you really want to do is plot a map with more locations like this, right?

      The map above has 18 locations, but you can add up to 25 locations, after that Google maps will not find a route

      How did I do it, I went into the written code and made a few changes using this link that you simply now just click on and it will open google maps with 25 locations for you to change.

      For some reason Cake says that this link is too long so you will need to copy and paste it to your address bar manually,+Arizona/Tucson,+Arizona/Tucson,+Arizona/Tucson,+Arizona/Tucson,+Arizona/Tucson,+Arizona/Tucson,+Arizona/Tucson,+Arizona/Tucson,+Arizona/Tucson,+Arizona/Tucson,+Arizona/Tucson,+Arizona/Tucson,+Arizona/Tucson,+Arizona/Tucson,+Arizona/Tucson,+Arizona/Tucson,+Arizona/Tucson,+Arizona/Tucson,+Arizona/Tucson,+Arizona/Tucson,+Arizona/Tucson,+Arizona/Tucson,+Arizona/Tucson,+Arizona/Tucson,+Arizona

      On my screen, I can't see all 25 so I have to shrink the screen size down on my Mac by hitting: command  - (minus) so I can make use of them all, maps don't allow the left side of the screen to scroll for some reason...maybe an Apple thing.

      As you can see from the image below once I have done that the font size on the left of the screen is now tiny and I can now see the 25 locations, compare it with the first or second screenshot.

      It allows me to change each location to where I want and then simply delete the extras I don't need. I changed one of the Tucson locations to NYC as an example, below

      So to review, copy and paste the link into your address bar and plot your route, change the location 'Tucson' to your desired location/s, delete what you don't need and Google will do the rest

    • This is an awesome hack!

      I've played with Google Maps some more to get a better understanding of how this works.

      In the United States you can use Google's server: Then add your first and second location: City1,+State1/City2,+State2/

      This is what you'll get if you wanted to get directions from Aptos, California to Fresno, California:,+California/Fresno,+California/

      Add more destinations to the sequence to plot the entire route.

      Thanks for the tip @rtwPaul!

    • try it on your computer to see it work, then you can try and adjust accordingly to suit your phone. You might need to edit the amount of locations down by a few

    • I've seen a variation of this hack that goes like this:

      Suppose you have up to twenty locations; plot locations 1 - 10 in a browser window. When done, copy the URL generated by Google into a text editor.

      In a second browser window, repeat the process, but start the second window with location #10 as the first location. When done, copy the URL generated by Google into the same text editor window.

      With judicious editing skills, concatenate at the place where the locations match.

      Finally, copy/paste the edited URL into your browser... Ta-da!

      Sadly, you can't edit in the Maps window by clicking/dragging locations in the left-side window.

    • It's difficult to believe that you could have a 'traffic jam' of the magnitudes I saw while chasing that Big Boy steam locomotive across Wyoming last May.

      Google did have the dilemma of *not* being able to come up with a suitable work-around path - simply because there weren't any!