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    • california_born

      MacBook users like myself have been waiting years for a significant upgrade. Today Apple announced what they claim is a big update. Is this it or merely another disappointment?

    • Chris

      I wish Steve was still there. And I can see why Apple didn't make a big thing of this rollout. Having owned a 2015 MacBook I have to agree that their design peaked then and that was the best MacBook they ever made. Lost in today's announcement is they discontinued that one.

      I bought the 2016 model, which I paid $5,000 of my own money for and then $1,200 to repair the keyboard even though it was covered by AppleCare, because I had a lot of faith in Apple at the time. But I hardly use the touch bar, I've never gotten used to the butterfly keyboard so I attach a third-party keyboard, and I didn't like the memory restriction.

      So now I get essentially the same keyboard, just quieter, a fix for the memory by buying a whole new laptop, the same touch bar, and somewhat faster processor. I feel sad about saying this, but I'm gonna pass.

    • kikoteixeira

      I was hoping they would give the 15 inch a sans Touch Bar option. Ridiculously large track pad is too big and does accidental presses. Too expensive.

    • Richard
      Aspiring dilettante

      Looks like incremental changes to me, nothing special. It should be noticeably faster, partly due to using faster memory. But it's disappointing that they haven't replaced the keyboard with a new design. That would be a showstopper for me, but then I use a ThinkPad, partly because of its keyboard ;).

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