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    • Yay first post!

      Anyway I just bought the new Macbook Pro for programming purposes. I upgraded from a 2011. When I first got it a was skeptical but, then fell in love with the speed of it, keyboard and display. And I thought the lack of ports would bother me but too be honest I was able to adapt. The battery life lasts all day for me and I put it on heavy load (xcode, webstorm, web browser, and file server). I think it was a bit expensive (especially as a broke high school student) but I love it so far.

      Edit: I got the lowest end one btw. No touch bar.

    • Welcome to Cake, arodebaugh. 😁 Great first post. I'm relieved to hear that so far people seem to like the keyboard, and the battery lasts all day. I'm one step closer to buying myself.

    • I bought the 2016 model,

      I remember these keyboards as being too shallow but I tried the latest model the other day and it feels like a normal keyboard again.