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    • I love reflection shots, the more perplexing the better, so I thought I'd add this to @Julianne's photo theme thread . Mine are street shots, but landscape shooters should also have something to contribute. And anyone else, too. Enjoy.

    • Early Morning Reflections on Lake Fitzpartick, in the Australian Botanic Gardens, Mount Annan, south west of Sydney. 13 second exposure to still the water.

    • OK, @Julianne, I give up. Photoshop? A mirror at the water's edge? You don't have to reveal any secrets you don't want to, but I'm really curious how this image was made.

    • Thank you Richard, It was pretty simple, I flipped the original boat reflection and then made a collage of the two.

      I use an editing software called PhotoScape X and only use my mobile phone Huawei P9 to take the images. No fancy schmancy gear for this happy snap mumma.😀

    • Cool. I knew how to do it in PS, but I was hung up thinking it might have been a natural double reflection. Here's one I caught the other day:

      I had been loitering around, taking shots of people walking by the mirror, but I didn't realize until I went to process the pic that it was a double reflection. I knew something was weird about it, but I only caught on when I noticed that the lettering was not reversed.

    • No, I don't work that hard--it was just standing outside some construction work.

    • I took a quick trip to Acadia National Park last week. I love looking for reflections, and the autumn colors cooperated!

    • Beautiful scene, Denise. I like that the sky is only at the bottom. Might also be a candidate for flipping vertically if you like confusing people.

    • not something I look for but when they happen sometimes it just works.

      An option you could look at that I have see other photographers use is a double exposure you could try that with a reflection shot as your base image if you really want to confuse people

    • This was taken on a walk around the local marina. I couldn't resist taking a happy snap.

      Location: Hope Island Marina, Gold Coast Queensland Australia

    • Thanks CyberDoc! I think I'd enjoy living in the area off-season but I wouldn't want to be there in the summer. It's a favorite place to visit though.

    You've been invited!