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    • Once we get a few numbers here, we should probably organise (dare I say it) “A Cake Walk” (there some one had to say it) if it was done now probably only have one person in each location, give it a few months maybe.

    • Yes Brian was at Google plus for a while. I do remember that. Though not for two long year and a half max, I think. Good to hear Cake has future plans in play, that’s always a positive. Thought for later on, but maybe and I'm not sure how it would fit into Cake as yet but an events section, where people can set up events and have people register with the ability to cap the number attending i.e. a cake walk with limited numbers so not over run. Maybe with something like a self-registered Panel with a caped number so closes off once a certain number is reached. A photography manager sounds great, but Cake is about more than Photography so would there be other streams with managers a Technology stream manager, a literary manager, While my feet are firmly in the photography sphere, I’m sure there will be others equally in other areas also deserving of similar support and attention. But certainly, happy to see the idea of a Brian M style person guiding photography. All sounding positive in the world of Cake. 

    • Almost the entire frame is reflected in the large plate glass window of a bar. The dome in the lower right is not, though you see its reflection in the center. The guys are inside the bar, and you see them because the dome casts enough shadow that the interior of the bar is brighter than the reflected background.

    • Right place at the right time. Well maybe sometimes you find a spot and then wait for something to happen, places like dead logs and branches in the water are always going to make purches for birds to drink from so you wait. some days its rewareded with shots like this, thogu hcould do with the greenery in the lower section out of shot. Taken in the Australian Botanic Gardens, Mount Annan, South west of Sydney.

    • Window glass takes practice. You have to learn to see the way a camera does. Human vision is excellent at focusing on either what's inside a shop window or on what's being reflected, but not both at once. I learned this the hard way through lots of shots through windows being ruined by reflections on the glass that I hadn't noticed. But eventually I learned to see both as well as to focus on the one that I cared about most. Differences in illumination are also important:

      @Glenn_Smith is right that sometimes you have to hang around waiting for the right moment, though over time I've become less patient than I used to be.

    • Yes windows can be tricky, but sometimes shootign in live view (OR a mirrorless) can help in those cases, but still takes some getting use to to get the exposure right for both the reflection and through the window, as for the patients well we all suffer that one at times, but the times we don't and hang about that little bit longer are the times that pay off.

    • Thanks much for sharing that photo, @Chris. It still goes down as one of my favorites that I've had the good fortune of taking years ago. Coincidentally, I returned to that very spot just last weekend but the conditions were quite different and the water levels are much lower (mobile phone snap attached).

      As for bringing aboard a Community Manager, I'm humbled that you thought of me and my time serving the G+ Photo Community. I worked there for a bit over two years (2013-2015) before heading over to Sony's Digital Imaging/Alpha team. If you're looking for someone to handle that here, I'd love to throw my name in the hat. Shall we chat?

    • I'm glad I grabbed my camera before heading out to a volunteer shift yesterday afternoon. On my way home trees wearing bright autumn leaves sandwiched between evergreens caught my eye.