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    • Yes windows can be tricky, but sometimes shootign in live view (OR a mirrorless) can help in those cases, but still takes some getting use to to get the exposure right for both the reflection and through the window, as for the patients well we all suffer that one at times, but the times we don't and hang about that little bit longer are the times that pay off.

    • Thanks much for sharing that photo, @Chris. It still goes down as one of my favorites that I've had the good fortune of taking years ago. Coincidentally, I returned to that very spot just last weekend but the conditions were quite different and the water levels are much lower (mobile phone snap attached).

      As for bringing aboard a Community Manager, I'm humbled that you thought of me and my time serving the G+ Photo Community. I worked there for a bit over two years (2013-2015) before heading over to Sony's Digital Imaging/Alpha team. If you're looking for someone to handle that here, I'd love to throw my name in the hat. Shall we chat?

    • I'm glad I grabbed my camera before heading out to a volunteer shift yesterday afternoon. On my way home trees wearing bright autumn leaves sandwiched between evergreens caught my eye.