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    • not something I look for but when they happen sometimes it just works.

      An option you could look at that I have see other photographers use is a double exposure you could try that with a reflection shot as your base image if you really want to confuse people

    • This was taken on a walk around the local marina. I couldn't resist taking a happy snap.

      Location: Hope Island Marina, Gold Coast Queensland Australia

    • Thanks CyberDoc! I think I'd enjoy living in the area off-season but I wouldn't want to be there in the summer. It's a favorite place to visit though.

    • Thank you. I was there last year coming off "the CAT" ferry from Nova Scotia and wouldn't miss the opportunity to have good lobster! Then take a little walk around while my Guzzi was parked. I love the lively people affluence of the place but was tough to find a parking spot.

    • Hi Doc, nice to see you put in an appearance, I hope it's not a fleeting visit I'm sure you will find some interesting subjects to converse on if you take time to have a snoop around.


    • Sometimes it pays to go that little bit further, this is taken in Tasmania, on the west coast in a township called Strahan on the far bank is the main town centre, small town. Everyone takes shots in the village green with the historic cottages but most don't venture to the other side of the river other than for the stream train there, but if you travel early in the morning with no wind you can manage to find little places like this and catch the reflections.

    • I've seen more than a few drug deals going down on the street but I think it's risky to try shooting one. I probably wouldn't get shot myself--street dealers usually don't carry guns here--but I would fear for my camera's safety.

    • Once we get a few numbers here, we should probably organise (dare I say it) “A Cake Walk” (there some one had to say it) if it was done now probably only have one person in each location, give it a few months maybe.

    • Yes Brian was at Google plus for a while. I do remember that. Though not for two long year and a half max, I think. Good to hear Cake has future plans in play, that’s always a positive. Thought for later on, but maybe and I'm not sure how it would fit into Cake as yet but an events section, where people can set up events and have people register with the ability to cap the number attending i.e. a cake walk with limited numbers so not over run. Maybe with something like a self-registered Panel with a caped number so closes off once a certain number is reached. A photography manager sounds great, but Cake is about more than Photography so would there be other streams with managers a Technology stream manager, a literary manager, While my feet are firmly in the photography sphere, I’m sure there will be others equally in other areas also deserving of similar support and attention. But certainly, happy to see the idea of a Brian M style person guiding photography. All sounding positive in the world of Cake. 

    • Almost the entire frame is reflected in the large plate glass window of a bar. The dome in the lower right is not, though you see its reflection in the center. The guys are inside the bar, and you see them because the dome casts enough shadow that the interior of the bar is brighter than the reflected background.