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    • Yes Brian was at Google plus for a while. I do remember that. Though not for two long year and a half max, I think. Good to hear Cake has future plans in play, that’s always a positive. Thought for later on, but maybe and I'm not sure how it would fit into Cake as yet but an events section, where people can set up events and have people register with the ability to cap the number attending i.e. a cake walk with limited numbers so not over run. Maybe with something like a self-registered Panel with a caped number so closes off once a certain number is reached. A photography manager sounds great, but Cake is about more than Photography so would there be other streams with managers a Technology stream manager, a literary manager, While my feet are firmly in the photography sphere, I’m sure there will be others equally in other areas also deserving of similar support and attention. But certainly, happy to see the idea of a Brian M style person guiding photography. All sounding positive in the world of Cake. 

    • Thanks much for sharing that photo, @Chris. It still goes down as one of my favorites that I've had the good fortune of taking years ago. Coincidentally, I returned to that very spot just last weekend but the conditions were quite different and the water levels are much lower (mobile phone snap attached).

      As for bringing aboard a Community Manager, I'm humbled that you thought of me and my time serving the G+ Photo Community. I worked there for a bit over two years (2013-2015) before heading over to Sony's Digital Imaging/Alpha team. If you're looking for someone to handle that here, I'd love to throw my name in the hat. Shall we chat?