As some of you already know, I’m learning Mandarin Chinese (and now Japanese!) One of my favorite YouTube channels for cultural insights into China is a channel called Serpentza. He partners with another channel Laowhy86 and they also have their own combined channel called ADVChina all about their motorcycle journeys across China. Some of you may find their other content interesting as well. 

But, in this particular video, Serpentza (Winston) claims that driving in China is really dangerous and he shows some pretty horrifying footage. He says he has almost lost his life in China while driving. To see if he was exaggerating at all, I looked up data on the traffic-related death rate by country. When you look at China, you’ll find that per 100,000 people they’re at 18.2 road fatalities. As for the United States, you’ll find that they’re at 12.4 per 100,000 people. So, China is about 1.5 times more dangerous. 

However, if you look at raw fatalities, only India (299,091) is listed with more than China (256,180). This of course being because both countries have such large populations. India for your reference is at 22.6 fatalities per 100,000. 

I was curious to know if anyone has had experience driving in China and had similar experiences. My uncle @scottvdorius1 has been to China several times. Maybe he could shed some light on the matter. If you haven’t driven in China before or been over that way, feel free to weigh in as well. I found the video to be interesting. Also, if you like cars, you’ll wanna watch it as well. Winston talks about how much he loves cars, so I know some of you will like that part of it if anything else.