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    • I know between Chris and many others here that eat the magnificent CAKE have a much more storied relationship with Apple and Apple products. I have always been a Windows guy even though I did buy a lollipop red iMac back in the day when I was starting my business just so I could be somewhat familiar with the different ecosystem.

      After hanging up my salesguy business suit forEVER, I took three winters off and ski bummed in Utah and fought wildland fires during the summer. I like gadgets and technology and as I was peaking hard in the super POW POW of Utah snow bliss, I remember feeling dialed in because I was knowledgeable enough to know how to make my own playlist on a cassette and play it on a Sony Walkman with crappy headphones as a rode my snowboard. The Walkman's were fairly indestructible but it was a pain to flip over the cassette to hear the songs on the other side of the cassette.

      THEN, the newest technology was portable CD-players but in the rough and tumbles of snowboarding that was not reliable.

      Chris has provided various timelines of Steve Jobs creative genius and I cannot remember when the IPOD came out but(I looked it up - late 2001), I mean, MAN, you could put HUNDREDS of songs on one small COOL LOOKING device. REVOLUTIONARY! Even though I was a Windows guy (I think this is one of Chris's stories), I would install Itunes on my machines to setup my playlists for my IPOD. iTunes was amazing....creating a variety of playlists and then connecting to your IPOD and SHAZAM, you were an instant baller!

      Since 2001, even though I have tried other solutions, iTunes has been my go-to music manager but only to burn music CD's. I buy all my music from Amazon since iTunes won't let me rip CD's with the music I have bought in the Itunes store. I might not be brilliant, but, as a consumer, if you put a roadblock in front of me I will find a workaround.

      On my Windows 7 machines I have had problems burning CD's from itunes on occasion but the good news is that there are 1000's of people having the same problem as me.

      I just went through this and it turned out I needed to clean the accumulated dust from inside my computer and that is what was giving me problems. But, in my troubleshooting, I downloaded the latest version of iTunes.

      Lo and behold, with the latest version of iTunes you cannot EDIT a playlist. Come on. GEEZ. How can you jack with such a basic function.

      It took me about 3.23 minutes to find a better alternative - MusicBee. Lotsa skins and other plugins so you can customize as you like. It imported all my iTunes stuff and despite my grateful 17 years of using iTunes, you are obviously going in a direction that leaves me baffled.

      Thanks for the memories iTunes!

    • Hmmm, that explains why I was challenged in making a play list the other day. I was struggling to navigate to and from the play list in the first place. I suspected it was yet another way for me to sign up with their subscription service which I haven't done.

    • I was prepared to say GREAT POST, nice discovery, but then...I Mac version. 😢 I'm not in love with iTunes so I wouldn't mind switching but for some reason I haven't been using it much, not sure why.

      I do have a couple war stories involving Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos regarding iTunes if anyone wants to hear. 😳

    • I also am a Windows user and had to install iTunes to manage an iPod years ago. It was so utterly awful that I was convinced that it had to be intentionally bad for Windows. I've been happily using VLC for years on both Windows and OS-X. If not editing playlists is considered a feature not a bug, I'm afraid the folks in Cupertino are losing it.

    • I will have to look into MusicBee. Not that I'm an iTunes user (never have), but Microsoft's Groove is atrocious and I hate using it so much I'd rather stream music than listen to the hundreds of gigs of mp3s on my computer.