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    • About a month ago, based on @Chris ‘s recommendation, I saw in the theaters a phenomenal documentary on the first moon landing. Epic film, never before seen footage selected from hundreds of hours of film, excellent music score. And then I saw two back to back duds. Captain Marvel, walked out of. Shazam, left after a half hour. Probably not being fourteen years old may have something to do with it. But I think I may go back to just watching art house films and documentaries at the movie theater.

    • Funny you mention it, but I feel older than dirt since not much really captivates me any longer to sit still in front of a screen two hours, short of true life stories that are really well done.

    • I loved Captain Marvel. Haven't watched Shazam but I'm looking forward to it.

      And I'm not 14. More than double that in fact 🤣

    • I guess it comes with the territory. I watched Captain Marvel at the movies just last Friday, with pleasure (it might have also been affected by the fact that it was a birthday present to myself, 3 hours alone, no kids :D ). And at the same time, watching Star Trek I always cringe at the glaring lack of ANY operational security (not enough to leave the room, but still)