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    • I love the picture of the mountains as it was getting dark with cars on the road making it glow. I've never seen a shot like that in Zion. I could see that every day on a calendar for a month and never get tired of it. It looks like something out of National Geographic.

      Thank you very much for a very interesting report. I like that you can glamp like that from a car!

    • I was in Kanab a few months ago for a funeral. I barely recognized it. It seems all the big hotel chains have a new property there now. There is talk of Kanab being the next Moab. Kinda sad somehow, as it will definitely change the economic dynamics. Some families will get filthy rich, others will bemoan the changes and eventually have to move on because they can’t live there like they used to. Reminds me of Park City, too.



    • I was ready to deploy my new CORE Equipment 9 person Instant Cabin Tent which measures 14′ x 9′.

      Robert, your travelogue was a joy to read. I’ve only been to Bryce and Zion, but your pics make me want to see more of the state.

      Logistics question on your tent. We can fit a folded up two man tent easily in our hatchback. Any idea how much more space your portable cabin would take up?

    • Hi apm....thanks for your comments...

      Any idea how much more space your portable cabin would take up?

      I just went out to the it's nice carrying case, it is 48" long x 10" x10". And, it is a non-rigid case so you might have an inch here and there to shove as needed.

      Again, these are three-season tents...but, the super fast setup (poles are already engineered into the whole setup process), these are a tremendous value.