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    • Today's #Photowalk: we go urban, and leave the ocean behind us for three minutes on Walt Disney Concert Hall, which is said to be the most photographed building in Los Angeles.

      It's also a tough cookie to capture, due to so many distractions like street lamps and wires, moving cars and the like.

      I have a few ideas about where to go to catch the best shots of Disney Hall.

      Attentive viewers like my pal @Chris will realize that some of the this video appeared in the original DTLA #Photowalk. I decided to expand the initial 45 seconds with a more in-depth look at Disney Hall. That, and I had two tickets to a Gershwin/Ravel matinee!

      Enjoy and as always, thanks for watching.

    • Love it! I actually never went to the Disney Concert Hall the entire time I lived in LA - just walked by - but it's such a striking structure. Thoughts on LA Union Station or the Westin Bonaventure next?

    • Thanks as always @victoria for watching. I actually did Union Station (my all-time favorite LA locale) in the DTLA video. But it's only a minute, at roughly 4:30. Say the word, and I'll expand it to full treatment, like I did with Disney Hall.