I am trying to use some mindfulness to help with insomnia. Mindfulness is a buzzword now. Not that many years ago it would be laughable and folks would think you were weird for doing it.

Who would have thought the military of all people would find it useful?

It is out of the realm of some weird trendy fad and into the common practices of lots of different people now.

"As commander of the coalition forces in Iraq, Maj. Gen. Walter Piatt juggled ruthless pursuit of enemies and delicate diplomacy with tribal leaders, using a trove of modern weaponry and streams of tech-generated data.

But his best decisions, he said, relied on a tool as ancient as it is powerful. Maj. Gen. Piatt often began daily operations by breathing deliberately, slack-jawed, staring steadily at a palm tree.

Mindfulness — the practice of using breathing techniques, similar to those in meditation, to gain focus and reduce distraction — is inching into the military in the United States and those of a handful of other nations."

British and New Zealand forces are using it and Netherlands is researching it. So is NATO as it plans to have a symposium to discuss it.

"A small but growing group of military officials support the techniques to heal trauma-stressed veterans, make command decisions and help soldiers in chaotic battles."

I am going to work on my technique.