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    • Hey Dnorth,

      The Flight radar idea seems very cool, interesting and a bit reckless. Tracking the
      flight patterns of the planes in your area to know that exact time that they
      will be in the area (or leaving) is neat. I’d be worried about the FBI and
      their uncertainty for your motivations to track plans regardless of the
      innocence behind your motives. Still the concept and idea are intriguing and
      would be fun for the kids.

    • Hey Tarynwessels,

      Very interesting idea to convert a basic television into a Smart TV. That’s a quick
      way to make something ancient and outdated to a device that is hot on the
      market today.  Great thinking. I wonder if due to the capability of the Raspberry Pi (RPi), you could actually make a super TV with consideration to the processing capability of the RPi. Perhaps go into more serious streaming such as Kodi and APK’s.

    • Hello Amy, tracking planes is ok to do, it uses a program that is available to everyone. There is also a really neat website called Flight Tracker, it shows realtime flight routes and shows you how fast and how high the plane is traveling. It will also show you the departure and arrival times out of each airport and you can track planes by their flight number as well. Another neat feature of the website is that it shows you what type of aircraft it is that is flying.

    • Should There Be An Internet Kill Switch?

      An internet kill switch is a sensitive subject. Although most
      of the argument that I can find is based off it limiting freedom of speech. I
      think in a state of emergency it may be one of the only ways that people can
      connect to family members. I do think it’s possible and from the article I found
      on the subject it sounds like more of a reality.  There is always some type of political unrest,
      so it would be hard to set a solid guideline as to what amount of “political
      unrest” is enough to turn the internet off.

      What I found in the article I research is that an internet
      kill switch has been on the table more than once. It has been removed from legislation
      due to civil rights. But it eludes that there the government can turn it all off
      if absolutely needed.

    • Hello my name is Joshua O’Dell. I have lived in Saginaw all my life but hope to move someday to a bigger city. I think I would love traveling and hope to get a scholarship so I can study abroad sometime. I really enjoy other cultures and absorbing some of their media. On top of that I really enjoy exploring dancing and fashion. Although I’m going for an associates in Journalism it is mainly because I would like to be an author someday. Similarly, I would love to continue working on dancing and photography. I’m just really into a lot of areas of art.

    • Hi Danielle. In my article I also read that it has been removed because of civil rights. I do think it is possible but very unlikely to happen. I think the only way it would be a possibility is if an emergency where to happen between the U.S. and another country.

    • Internet kill switch

      The idea of an internet kill switch seems like a crazy concept, but it is not impossible. This did happen in Egypt, and the United States could do the same thing. In Egypt, the government most likely called the top 5 internet providers and told them to barricade the online traffic. That’s a lot like how the U.S. could do it. They would contact the top internet providers and have them shut down the internet traffic. No, there is not an on and off switch but there are other ways to do it. Even though it is not impossible, it is very unlikely. The internet in the U.S. is much bigger with many more companies that provide internet, so it would be a lot more work to do it.


    • Internet Kill Switch:

      After reading a couple of articles about the need or existence of an internet kill
      switch, I realize that its not a good idea. A couple of the articles that I
      read talked about large internet outages in the past few years caused by little
      errors or by governments that won’t acknowledge that they shut it down. I think
      it is possible for a kill switch to exist and it is possible for hackers to shut
      down the internet. In the article, “Government Internet Kill Switches Violate
      Human Rights, But Telecom Companies Can Fight Back” written for in
      2015, it talks about civil unrest in other countries and that governments are
      known to shut down the internet in the morning before a protest is to occur. According
      to the article, this is usually followed by oppression and government forces
      assaulting or killing several protesters. I can see both sides of the issue,
      there is some good to having a kill switch and there is some bad to having a
      kill switch. The good could be the ability to shut down the internet in the
      event of a terrorist cyber attack against our banks or stock market. The bad
      could be the government shutting down the internet, so we could no longer
      communicate with each other efficiently if we the people were questioning their
      authority or staging a revolution in the event of a breakdown of the government.
      Most of our communications go through the internet now, a lot of our phone
      systems, especially large corporations and many residences, use VOIP phones at
      their phone service provider. Shutting down the internet would cut off
      communications not only between companies but between individual people. The
      following link is to the webpage that I referenced earlier, it has good
      information about why a kill switch is a bad thing.

    • I agree, I think a kill switch is possible and I don't think it would be as easy here in the United States. I could see how there could be a benefit of having a kill switch and how it could be a bad thing to have. A kill switch could be good in the event of a cyber attack on banks and the stock market, but it could be bad in the hands of a corrupt government that wants to cut our communication with others. So many of our phone systems use the internet in the form of VOIP phones.

    • Interesting, you're right, what level of political unrest would justify using the kill switch. It seems like there is always some kind of unrest so it would be hard to gage. Another issue I see is, if you have a corrupt government official that doesn't like protests or people speaking out against them, they could shut it down. By doing this, it would cut off communication among people and divide us. On the other hand, it could be a good thing in the event of a cyber attack on our commerce.

    • Internet Kill Switch

      I'm not in favor of an internet kill switch. After reading an article about a motion that was declined by the Supreme Court, I determined that kind of power isn't safe to have in the hands of one person or a few people. The article also discussed how hackers would be able to possibly break past the firewall and enable the switch themselves. What we do on the web, as long as it doesn't involve illegal activity, is up to us as individuals. It would be interesting to see what kind of situation this would be used in. Just within the last few years, the Boston Marathon Bombers were caught because people using phones and security cameras were able to catch the terrorists after a long manhunt. Citizens doing their civic duty were able to catch these men when a series of FBI, and other government officials needed their help.

    • Internet Kill Switch

      After reading from an article on PCWorld, I am convinced that there is no kill switch, and will never be one during our time of life. The possibility of shutting down the entire internet is mind-blowing. The internet was formed as a way of communication that could never be stopped, and the internet is made of the Internet Protocol Suite, known as TCP/IP. This is coming directly from the article. In Egypt, the leader temporarily attempted to shut down the internet. This was obviously ineffective, and the citizens somehow got around the block and could tweet on Twitter by using landline phones. This shows that no matter how hard anyone tries to shut down the internet, there is always a way around it. I feel as if it was possible to completely shut down the internet in this day and age, chaos would erupt around the world.

    • I agree with you Zach. I believe too much power in the hands of the wrong people will cause way too many problems for the authorities to handle. I believe it is a good thing for us to be able to access the internet without illegal activity in order to further our intelligence.

    • I agree, and I read about a topic very similar to the one you looked at. I believe it is physically impossible to shut down the internet around the United States. Although we are large as a country, and probably have the most access to the internet in the world, I think if it was to happen that people around our country are smart enough to get around loopholes to gain access to the internet again.

    • I read the same article. It's kind of scary how easy it would be for the U.S government to shut down the internet. I don't believe there should be, but I think that there is (officially, or unofficially). I can't imagine what would have to happen for the government to shut down communication like that, it would have to be worse than political upset, maybe if a war broke out on U.S soil it could be necessary to keep our enemies blind?? Protect military location, maybe?? I think if the internet were to suddenly cut off it would cause an extremely dangerous level of civilian panic. Cutting off the internet means eliminating communication and public information, even if water/ power/ gas were still functioning properly I absolutely believe people would act as if it were the apocalypse.

    • Internet Kill Switch

      I think that the government has ways to create an internet kill switch. However, I don’t think they should be able to use such a thing. They already have the Patriot Act in place to detect any terror attacks via cyber or telecommunications within the States. I don’t think they need to be able to shut down the entire grid. I do see how it could be a good thing if they had their own “Kill Switch” for the government, if there was a breach somewhere they’d have a system of shutting down anything government related. That puts their own issues in their own hands and hold them accountable for their own systems. I can see that being a feature. But to have a system of shutting down the whole US would be a huge money loss and could kill a lot of what keeps the US afloat.

    • I agree with a lot of your opinion. It's hard to say when to draw the line when it comes to the government. We want to stay safe but we want to have our freedom. They already have some Acts in place that try to keep us safe but are in a gray area of potentially overstepping our rights. I talked about the Patriot Act in my response. I think if they can wiretap into individuals conversations to prove they are a threat.. Then they probably don't need a kill switch. They can pinpoint the issue and solve from there without getting the rest of us in the middle.

    • I agree that it's possible. It probably wouldn't be easy unless there's some fine line in internet contracts that we don't know of. If the government felt the need to shut down the internet, they would be out of a lot of money.

    • Hi Taryn.

      I agree with you, I don't think there should be a kill switch. If the government were to do that, not only would they lose money, they would also make millions of citizens very mad.

    • Internet kill switch

      Researching and reading a few articles about a possible internet “kill switch” is very interesting to me. Not only is it possible but it’s happened in other countries. North Korea, and China being a few more well known. Their “internet” is not the same internet that we use. Since these are communist countries it’s critical that the government controls why information is seen and what information is shared. They have only state run social media and news sites. The article I read talked about how Russia last year was preparing to test a state run internet to, cutting off their citizens from a flow of feee information.

      Although I don’t think this would happen in the US, sadly I could see a president declaring a national security danger and “shutting off” the internet. And if this were to happen I don’t know if the laws have caught up to force him to “turn” it back on. I also think it’s kinda sad that as a society we are so dependent on the internet. The internet is such a new thing and shouldn’t be a life or death matter.

      I think about the watergate scandal that forced president Nixon to resign. That story and scandal was investigated and exposed without the internet. It was all reporters digging for information and sharing it with the world through a newspaper. So when I think that we once were able to do that I know that a kill switch or not America would find ways to fight back and share the truth and information to everyone.

    • the Patriot Act is an interesting topic to bring up while talking about a kill switch, even though it may not talk about the internet in it. I could see during a time of war or during a national tragedy a new Patriot Act where the government needs to monitor the internet for “our safety”