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    • I live in Saginaw. I have two daughters my oldest Tori graduates from HS this year and my youngest Betty is 2. I am on my way to earning my Associates in Accounting. I took a year off and it turned into 7...yikes! It's never too late to go back and finish school. I have 2 crazy dogs(Hades & Hera) and a cat(Turtle) that I adore! I don't like to admit it but I have a fiance (Robert Peavey) that loves and supports me. I'm excited to see what this class has in store to learn:) We also LOVE to watch Games of Thrones!

    • Hi everyone! My name is Danielle, I’m currently enrolled in the Sonography program and the Cosmetology Business management program. I enjoy spending time with my husband and son. We like anything outdoors, particularly camping in the U.P. I look forward to connecting with everyone and learning this semester!

    • My name is Katie Doyle, I am pursuing my Associates in Construction Management. I am interested in all things DIY, I always have a project going weather it's sewing costumes or putting a roof on my house. Lately, I have been spending my spare time converting an old condemned house into a workshop that I plan on using to learn woodworking, but my current project is wiring the place. I plan on pursuing residential construction, likely something along the lines of renovation or flipping houses. I have a wonderfully supportive husband Jordan, and a beautiful little boy Lucas who will be 2 in June. As a general rule, I am not a fan of technology, we just aren't friends but I need this class to graduate, so we'll just have to stay positive.

    • Hello, My name is Doug, I'm married and have 4 children, 1 dog, and 2 cats. I graduated from Carrollton High School in 2001. This is my second and last year at Delta for now. I was a fire fighter and EMT and I have been in emergency communications for the past 14 years. I now work full time for a local funeral home and I am pursuing a career in Mortuary Science and begin mortuary school in the fall. My family just bought a camper and we are looking forward to many camping trips this summer.

    • Hi everyone I'm Haley! I'm currently a 3rd year majoring in supply chain management at SVSU. I recently decided to pick up computer information systems as a minor, and it has brought me here. I love traveling during the summer, but one of my favorite things is going to Tigers games (even when they are bad). I also have a dog, Athena, who I adore. CST133 is my first online class, so I am excited to see what I learn!

    • Raspberry Pi Project Ideas

      DIY Amazon Echo

      Description: This device will be useful to have around the house. It can do many things like play music, take reminders and even tell the weather. By the end of this project, I will have an Amazon Echo that responds to my voice commands. This project is my first choice.

      Items needed: Raspberry Pi, micro USB power cable, micro SD card, USB microphone, a speaker and a keyboard and mouse for setting up.




      Pi Music Box

      Description: With this device, you will be able to control music from your couch using a phone, tablet, or laptop. This is a cheap, music player that you get to create yourself. And the music won’t stop if you switch apps. It also won’t drain the battery on your phone. This project is my second choice.

      Items needed: Raspberry Pi,Speaker, SD-Card, Computer, Spotify premium




      Madelyn Linton

    • Hello everyone, my name is Austin Hammond and I am pursuing a degree in Business Management through Delta's 3 and 1 program with Northwood, but I orginally started this year pursuing an Applied Engineering Sciences degree. I currently work as a Co-op at Hemlock Semiconductor as a Mechanical Integrity Engineer. I graduated from St. Charles High school and I enjoy playing sports, going up north, and hanging out with friends. This was a picture from last year when I won the District Championship in the Tri Valley West Conference.

    • Hi Katie, I am excited to have you in class this semester. I love that you are pursuing Construction Management and your workshop project sounds very cool. You may be able to use some of the research we do for the Raspberry Pi project in your workshop project. There are a lot of great smart home / smart office applications for the Raspberry Pi! Flipping houses and renovation projects fascinate me. I may have to pick your brain to get help with my home projects. Welcome!

    • Raspberry Pi Projects

      #1. Raspberry Pi Home Theater

      Description: This project will be used sort of like an Amazon Fire Stick, but use the program called Kodi to run the video feeds on. This would be used as a personal entertainment system in a way as well.


      Materials: Raspberry Pi board, microSD card, compatible power supply, input device, HTPC distribution.

      #2. Retropie

      Description: This project is a software used to play retro games on. This runs old video games that originally you could play on NES, Atari, Genesis and SNES.


      Materials: Raspberry Pi, USB Gamepad, MicroSD card, power supply, screwdriver, HDMI cable, microSD card reader, and USB keyboard.

    • 1. Smart TV

      This project will be making my “dumb” TV a smart TV. I will be able to stream videos and watch Netflix on a TV that doesn’t already allow it.

      Raspberry Pi 3

      SD Card


      Power supply

      2. Amazon echo

      With this project, I’ll be able to stream music, take notes, and ask for the weather from the device.

      You can use any HDMI monitor and USB Keyboard/Mouse

      Raspberry Pi 3

      8/16/32GB microSD Card

      USB Mic

      3.5mm compatible earbuds or speaker.

      3.Music player

      I’ll be able to listen to podcasts and music from this device.

      Working Raspberry Pi (all models)

      Speakers, amplifier or headphones (analog or USB)

      SD-Card, 1GB minimum, 2GB+ preferred

      Computer with a modern browser; tablet or phone. The web-interface is tested with recent versions of Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and iOS (iPad/iPhone), modern versions of Android (Chrome Mobile, Firefox Mobile). Internet Explorer version 10 works, earlier versions don't. You can also use an MPD client to connect.

      Spotify Premium, Google Music (All Access) or SoundCloud account for streaming.