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    • I think it is all about motivation. No matter how hard or easy a task would be, what is important is what gets us in the state of mind to be willing to act on it. It may be pleasure or survival dictating action. But what about choices when no pressure exists? For example, gearing up and heading out to ride a motorcycle, out there in the elements, vs. sitting in front of a keyboard 'socializing'.. or reading a book, which do you choose, when and why? What if we're motivated incorrectly? I found this intriguing..

    • WOW! I sure didn't think it had anything to do with emotions. I'm a procrastinator however I wasn't always this way. Yes, procrastination does create stress for me. Procrastination in some cases has created a lot more work for me as well as allowing thing to become overwhelming.

      In the last month I have been working on this and the information you provided came at a perfect time.

      Thank you.