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    • Hey everyone--my favorite iPhone trick is "Long Exposure," as seen below, made possible by using Live Photos and swiping up.

      How can I do this on an Android phone? Is there an app, a hidden feature? Would love to know.


    • This isn't the answer you were looking for, but you got me so hooked on the long exposure effect for iOS, I decided to try an (AI-powered, so they say) app that is built just for iOS:

      My secret motivation was I loved your pier shots and wondered if a computational photography app like Spectre could take the blurred water to the next level. Haven't tried it on a pier yet.

    • I didn’t have time to get out with it today (will tomorrow), but just for you I turned on the bath water.

      The UI is dead simple and intuitive. The little square in the center tells you if you have the hands of a surgeon (I do and missed my calling) to indicate if you’re steady enough.

      The dial in the lower right lets you select how long the exposure wii be. I have it set on 9 seconds as one does when long exposuring bathtub water.

      The green circles show the progress so you know how long to hold still (9 seconds, of course, it’s a bathtub).

    • Ta da!

      By the way, it displays the word stable if you have the hands of a God like me. You wish.

    • Yesterday while running I came across this beautiful stream. I thought “now’s my chance to thank Jefferson for his blurred motion trick” but also to show I’m no slouch and I figured out that there’s an app for this, to take it to the next level.

      So I got on my stomach in the wet soil, put the base of the phone on the ground to increase steadiness, and took a control shot using the Graham method built into the iPhone:

    • Okay that was pretty good. But you just know a dedicated app powered by AI, as they point out in the promo video, will make the water even creamier.

      So I repeated the shot above with the Spectre app, choosing the 3-second option. Take that, Jefferson. You’re welcome. 😁

    • Wait, WHAT?! It’s all blurry. I must be doing it wrong.

      So I got determined, braced the iPhone on the ground even better, tried to control my breathing and HR, which were still a little elevated from running, and set the time at 5 seconds:

    • Saturdays are the fun day. Thanks for trying Chris. I got a new Samsung S10 for review, and been playing around there, but haven't come up with anything that comes close to the IOS water trick. Nice camera though!