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    • just wanted to test out posting images inline from external links and see how they look coming in from different sources as well as one embedded with the native photo uploader. so you are not seeing double (or triple, or quadruple, etc) it is the same image from different external sources

      the image i am posting is a self portrait of myself as Don Quixote as i challenge the windmills in my mind, i will do a post in the future about the meaning behind the image as it has a very personal significance to me and who i am, but i shall save that for a future post, right now i am just testing out cake's functionality and see what works and what doesn't

      here is the image linked to my google photos account

      here it is coming from my facebook account

      from my ello account (yes i am still on Ello)

      and from my website

      and finally the bottom one from the native photo uploader. the consistency looks pretty good across all the platforms and it is good to know that inline images are possible within posts and that makes me happy!

    • Looks good across all platforms, I'm also still on Ello though not a regular there. Looking at all these hard to pick a difference apart from the size difference whne viewed full size, looks good. Good test. Good to know. Thanks.

    • looking through them all, it really looks the best linked from ello, they don't compress their images the way everyone else does and you can especially notice the difference when you click on the image and see it full size