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    • On September 11, 2001, I was 12 years old and at the time I was homeschooled. I remember my mom waking me and my brothers up to the horrible news that the World Trade Center towers were hit by two planes. We didn’t know what was going on. Later, the Pentagon was hit, and then a fourth plane went down in Pennsylvania. A plane that we’ll never know for sure what its intended target was. 

      While I was very young at the time, it’s a day that I’ll never forget. It was an absolutely strange and frightening day. Curious to know what others remember from that day and what their experiences were. By all means don’t share if you don’t feel comfortable. 

    • It happened at night here in OZ my wife had gone to bed and I was just finishing off some work stuff before turning in for the night. I switched on the late news and the first reports were coming in I switched across to CNN and it was still breaking news.

      I went upstairs and told my wife to come down and see what was going on in New York as we both came down the second tower was still intact I was explaining I had seen plane had crashed into the first tower that was when the second plane crashed into the second tower.

      We watched as things unfolded until very early the next day before finally going to bed for a couple of hours.

      It was the most horrifying thing I've ever seen on live TV.

    • I was getting ready for another day of work in the aerospace industry...when the second aircraft hit, I pretty well knew that was a cataclysmic event.

      The shop and the office bullpen areas were VERY quiet for much of the morning. One of the managers asked if I could help improve the TV reception. In our conference rooms, those old 19" TV's on a roll-around rack, complete with a VCR were used for training back in the day. Nearly all of the meetings were canceled, and the rooms were taken over by those that were looking for information.

      Taking one of the TV's over by a window, I then whipped up a dipole antenna & attached it to the TV and to the metal security mesh screen that covered the office window. Fortunately, it was a clear view to the mountaintop that held three out of the five broadcast signals in the area - it was the best we were going to do.

      That next day was when we'd begin to learn that some of our corporate colleagues were on those doomed flights.

    • I was working on a remote section of railroad that crosses northwestern Canada. I heard the news by somebody who came by rail. We had no further means of communication because no cell phone coverage or tv where we were. I thought a huge war had started and I began to reflect on the importance of the rail line that we were working on. I thought it was the beginning of a huge world war. When I eventually got to a television the following day it was still disturbing but I thought maybe a giant war wasn’t imminent. As a Canadian I felt a part of the United States and that we would be in it together. There was no thought that you would go to a large war without us. It was a sickening day.

    • I was there, in a conference room near the World Trade Center with big glass windows. One guy noticed smoke coming from the first tower and said his aunt was on the 104th floor. We all went to the windows to look. It was a front-row seat of something horrible.

      A plane appeared on the horizon, flying low and slow. One woman said, "look, a plane coming to help." I guess she meant it would drop fire retardant on it. We went quiet. Then someone pointed out it was a passenger plane. We didn't know what that meant.

      When it flew into the other tower, I decided this was one of my weird, vivid dreams and I needed to wake up. But in the very unlikely event it was actually real, I ran out of the building and to side streets that I thought would be less of a target. And I struggled to wake up but couldn't.

      I eventually made my way to where the main avenue leading to the site was blocked off and CNN had a huge truck with a journalist on top doing a live feed. Tower 7 was burning and they were telling us it would collapse. In a strange way, I wanted to witness that.

      A policeman walked up to me and asked if I would be willing to volunteer. He led me and another couple to the triage center, where they had gathered 4,000 body bags. I assumed that would be my job, to help carry them. I had seen the bodies falling from the sky and that's how I knew I was in a dream for sure. That couldn't happen except in a cheap disaster movie.

      The scale. You have no idea by looking at a TV screen.

      When the towers fell, that was proof positive it was absolutely a dream about a cheap disaster movie. Nothing falls that way. I even tried to compare this to other disasters like Pearl Harbor or the sinking of the Titanic. Those were plausible. This was not. Wake up, Chris, you have an important meeting in the morning.

      We had to stay in New York for 8 days before getting out on train to Philly and then back home to California. It was culture shock to get back into the world because the end of times had arrived in New York, it seemed. I couldn't believe how other people didn't grasp the magnitude of what happened unless they were there. At first I was angry at them. Now I wonder if vets feel the same way about their experience in Iraq and Vietnam as I felt then.