There are many factors that play into the 3D viewing experience. Depending on the combination of them it can really enhance or ruin the movie for me. Here are the factors I take into the account:

1. Was the movie shot specifically for 3D? Many movies lately have simply been converted after the fact to give them perspective depth. This fake 3D is very difficult to pull off and something always doesn't look right with the movie.

2. Does 3D immersion enhances the plot? For action movies with 1st person scenes this is a big deal. When done right, you can feel like you are right there experiencing the thrills. For other movie genres it is an overkill and sometimes is very distracting.

3. Are you wearing have high quality 3D glasses? I actually bought an expensive set of Oakley HDO-3D glasses specifically designed for watching passive 3D content (you are not supposed to wear them outside). Those glasses were amazing to watch movies in, but they don't work for IMAX at all 😒! The glasses we usually get at the theaters are passable at best, but nowhere near as good as they should be. By design the are semi-disposable, which means that they are cheap and usually not handled with care. Scratches, oil and dirt really degrade the picture quality, which also is already dimmer and less vibrant to begin with.

If I get all 3 checkmarks on a specific movie then I'll watch it in 3D. These days, however, it is very challenging to hit this perfect combo.