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    • I also bought 3D glasses! But so far I've been too dumb to have them and the standard issue together in the theater to swap and see the diff. Have you done that? What about color saturation?

    • Just had a detailed discussion with my wife this last Saturday as we were thinking of going to Ready Play One in 3D or not. Conclusion: 3D kind of distracts from the movie. We reviewed many movies we had gone to in 3D and concluded "waste of money" and didn't make it better, probably made it worse. My kids said no 3D too. By the time we came to consensus, there was no more standard times to see the movie before bed time, just 3D, so we went for a hike. Thanks 3D, I wanted to be outside anyways. ;-)

    • You really do have to remember to bring the glasses with you. I've forgotten to bring them a few times, while other times they were "incompatible" with the movie projection (doesn't work in IMAX). The combination of those 2 made it even less likely I'd go watch a 3D movie as often as I was hoping for.

      Another point to consider is when you are going with someone. It doesn't feel right that you get a better immersion experience just because you have the "fancy 3D eyeglasses". It is unlikely your partner will ever buy a pair, so it makes me feel bad. So I like to share my glasses even just for a little with them. This makes the whole experience less enjoyable for both of us. Me, knowing that I'm seeing a better version of the movie and them wondering what they are missing out on.

    • I don't like them. They still look like pop up books and aren't worth the extra expense in my mind. In some cases they are worse than regular movies. I'm open to them improving in the future and spending the extra money on them if this is the case.