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    • Super strange. Just a few questions:

      1. Which browser are you running, and which version?
      2. When this does happen, if you delete the content and start over, does the problem persist? How do you eventually go about getting the content to display correctly.
      3. Have you tried just posting the reversed content? If so, what does it look like?
      4. How long have you noticed this happening, is it just with your new computer?

      I have to admit I'm at a little bit of a loss.

      For some background (sorry if TMI), there is a surprising amount of complexity to get a rich text editor like this to work, and to reduce a lot of the complexity on our end we use a pluggable component called SlateJS. When you type into the editor it Slate listens for changes and updates a bunch of internal state to make sure that the content is edited properly and things look correct. We also have a bunch of plugins that we have built on top of this to implement the various pieces of functionality on cake like Bold, Italics, user mentions etc.

      Knowing this, there are a few things that could be going wrong. One problem is that there could be a timing issue where perhaps there was a slight change or bug in the browser version you are using that is having a bad interaction with Slate. Another thing that could be happening is that for some reason the experience is getting converted into right to left language mode, though I'm not sure how that could be happening unless a plugin is somehow changing your styling.

      By the way, thanks for reporting and thanks for your patience on this!

    • Like I said I thought it was funny the first and second time, but then when I noticed that it was happening more than just once in a while, and I DO NOT experience it with other web pages as I mentioned, I decided to mention it. I am using plain without plug ins Safari 12.1 in OS 10.14.4 . My keyboard is an Apple wireless keyboard that comes with the iMacPro and the iMac. I don't love this keyboard, I seem to have more mis-keyings with it than I do on a standard wired punch type Apple keyboard, but I never see the reversed mirror image text from right to left anywhere but in the text boxes here. I don't have great knowledge of the ins and outs of keyboards, but I do not know how to create reverse right to left textflow with my present system - even though I suspect it can do that with the right secret codes - but I am just using a basic flavor keyboard settings.

      When I notice the right to left text, I can delete it backwards with the delete key, and I can use the cursor via the mouse to a new area and resume normal left to right text flow with normal letters. So I can edit the right to left text out if I see it - but I still don't know where it comes from. Interestingly, I can copy and paste the reversed text elsewhere in the box too as I did for the title of this thread. I can also paste the reversed text to an external text editor and it persists in the reverse text format - so maybe it is my keyboard somehow - not sure.

      Strange that I have not noticed it on any other forums. The reversed text does post as seen when typed - that is what is displayed in the text box in Denise's thread where I initally menioned this phenomenon. I just noticed this reversed text within the last two weeks or so - not really certain of the first time I experienced it.

      I do have a suspiscion that the initation of the reversed text is more often when I am typing faster than I usually do. Not sure what that means either or if it is actually true. I also get the feeling that there is just a bit of a lag between what I type and what is diplayed here on Cake which probably is a manifestation of the editor Slate as it awaits input and creates output. I am on a cable modem with approx 50+mps speeds.

      Sorry to take up folks time - I was really wondering if I was the only one who was experiencing this, or not.

    • Thanks for all the info, it looks like it isn't just a display issue, the text is getting inserted in the wrong order.

      If you are running 10.14.1 you might want to make sure you update to 10.14.4 which is the latest, though it does look like you are on the latest 12.1 Safari version.

      I've been trying to reproduce this on OSX 10.14.4 and Safari 12.1 with my normal mechanical keyboard and my wireless apple keyboard with no luck.

    • So something that could be happening is that a Right To Left Override is getting inserted into your text. It's represented as U+202E.

      I can manually do this here:

      ‮This text is backwards!

      Or: "This text is backwards!"

      This seems like a likely culprit, but I'm not sure how this could be done accidentally. 🤔

    • That sounds like the culprit, but I do not have any idea how it is happening from my end. Thanks for looking into this for me. I am not entering anything but text - wierd!

    • One idea to test whether this is the case is to try out both backspace and delete in the middle of a word:

      For example, if the string "abcdef" is displayed backwards as "fedcba" and you position the cursor between the letters 'd' and 'c' - does backspace delete the 'd' or the 'c'?

      If it deletes the letter 'c' (basically, if it behaves the wrong way and deletes to the right instead of the left), the text field is set to RTL mode. If it deletes the letter 'd', it is still in LTR but just adds new letters to the front, which would point to a bug in the plugin.

    • I'll try to remember to try that if I see the reversed text again. I did try editing within the reversed text flow, and if my memory is accurate, the delete key worked backwards from typical L->R letter flow - but don't quote me on that I am not a reliable witness about it.

      If I moved the cursor out of the reversed text flow with the mouse, the letter and spaces resumed flowing L->R

      I wish to point out that the letter don't just flow R->L as normal Roman letters, but actually look like they were being typed on the back of the surface of the monitor and hence seen reversed with L->R flow on the backside of the monitor glass and the letters were seen through the glass surface as mirror images.

    • I still see reversed text in Cake edit box from time to time - it deletes easily with the delete key, but is still a bit wierd to experience