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    • Users love Ground. :) We have more than 2,000 4.5 star reviews from our growing user base. They love the fact that
      Ground acts as a one-stop-destination for all their news needs as we aggregate
      stories from over 30,000 news sources - both independent and mainstream. Every
      news story you can read on Ground, you can trust. And when multiple news
      organizations are covering a story, we’ll neatly provide side-by-side
      narratives of those reports so users can form their own opinions.

      Here’s a review from a Google Play
      Ground user this morning: “By far the best news app I've used. I've deleted all
      of my old ones. Slick and easy to use interface. My favourite feature is
      exploring global news on the map.”

      I believe the larger news community is cautiously observing Ground. One of the big things we’re doing is launching a paid subscription. Think of us as a “Classpass for news” where
      users will pay a flat monthly fee to receive all of the news ad-free and
      paywall free. To make sure that newsrooms benefit from our subscription
      service, we’re signing revenue share partnerships with them. We have signed partnerships
      with quite a few news organizations, including Reuters, ABC ( Australia),
      Axios, Penske Media (Variety, Rolling Stone and other properties) and have many
      more partners in the pipeline. We are trying to convert the publishers still on
      the fence by convincing them that ad-supported and single subscriptions are not