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    • Thanks for having me on the panel-
      really excited! Sukh and I grew up watching, hearing and reading news.  We keenly followed events like the Gulf War,
      Bosnian War, the Berlin Wall coming down, and many other major news events. We
      always admired how journalists and the news organizations kept us informed.
      However, sometime in the last 10 years it feels like it all changed. There are
      now issues such as misinformation, disinformation, biased news and even lack of
      information. I think we now know less about what’s happening in Syria or in
      Yemen than we knew about what was happening Iraq. As an engineer, this is
      baffling to me since we have more technology than ever before that helps us
      communicate and find out what’s happening around the world. Thus, we started
      Ground around two years ago as a technical and business solution to address
      problems faced by the everyday person who wants to be able to get reliable,
      unbiased news.