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    • Some cats would gladly enjoy killing people if they were big enough, although they can be quite hilarious. I find their personalities and instincts to be oddly fascinating.

      Dogs bring me more joy, but I like both.

      📷: My baby pug on Halloween

    • I can't practically bring a cat to the beach.

      Here's my late Buddy Harrington. I miss that beautifully neurotic creature.

    • I like all animals, but our dogs are our hiking companions. And Abby (the one on the left) goes to visit people laid up in hospitals...a therapy, not service dog. Josh (on the right), competes in Flyball competitions.

    • Wow, there are a lot of dog people on Cake!

      I am a cat person. In fact, I'm typing this (with difficulty, my arms are sort of pinned) from under a cat.

      I like many individual dogs! I have even fleetingly considered in what crazy future I would want a dog! (I mean, besides the Skynet one. That's obvious. Dogs forever, they sniff Terminators! Oh no, my cat has heard me and hopped away.)

      But my heart is for cats. My cat provides me with a little bit of unpredictable reality in the otherwise controlled home environment and startles me constantly with her beauty. (Uh, stop cleaning your butt at me while I'm typing about your sinuous grace and striking loveliness, cat!)

      She has her own interests and her own agenda, but she's warm and purrs and gives lovely snuggles of an evening. She's the first cat I've been able to live with -- I have allergies, but she herself is easy on them, and I've come to understand them better as an adult so I can enjoy kitties -- and now I can't imagine not having a lovely little being companionably doing their own thing near (or on top of) me every day. Gorgeous little introvert that she is.

      P.S. Now that I'm looking at pictures of her to append to this post, she's come back to my lap and is purring thunderously. Of course.