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    • I would look for the easy to feel or spot things, like humidity, mold - in bathroom grout / shower corners (especially in apartments as most bathrooms do not have windows or sufficient ventilation), discolored or funky smelling water (always run the taps), noise transmission - is the place near a busy 24/7 convenience store, a bar, a school?, operable windows (you’d be surprised how many people have windows that either don’t open or are painted shut) - fresh air is the best way to move stale contaminated air, yes even NYC outside air is cleaner than the air inside your apartment! 

      I often suggest to clients looking to purchase to first test the place for air & water quality, mold and any other potentially hazardous toxins. There are plenty of building inspectors or building biologists who can help at this stage. 

    • As more research is done on the impact of indoor environments on human health (can you believe it’s 2019 and this is a relatively ‘new’ area of research? Mind boggling) there are some great resources out there. 

      I often refer to the Sustainable Furnishings Council website which has a great list of resources from suppliers to contractors who can help you with your wellness design needs.I also like Healthy Building Network’s Home Free  and Healthy Materials Lab, both great for product searches. I also love Pure Living Space for all things healthy. 

      In terms of product sources for furniture etc. I love Gimme the Good Stuff, but many of the big-box stores are now carrying lines of certified organic, sustainable or chemical free products which is great to see. The most important part is just doing research (or using a wellness architect to help guide you) and asking questions!  

      And finally, when it comes to general household products I often refer to Irina’s amazing website I Read Labels for You as I feel she put a lot of time and research into products before suggesting them so I trust her word completely.

      photo credit Sean Litchfield (@seanlitchfield)