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    • I have worked in such a variety of architectural firms from a ‘New York’ traditional architectural studio, through to a small boutique residential firm; and now to my own wellness architecture practice, so I feel like I have seen it all (both in terms of projects and clients). 

      I think a lot of American architecture is steeped in tradition. Many of the floors are more traditional and broken into rooms with more formal arrangements, whereas in Australia there is more open connection between spaces. That has a lot to do with the age of the buildings in NYC, as most of the apartments and condo’s I worked in were landmarked (heritage) buildings and this was just how homes were designed back in the day.

      Having said that, I am finding a blend of the two styles becoming the most requested renovation change.  Many clients would probably like to go ‘full open plan’ but building constraint factors like structural walls and risers limit those ideas. I think many American clients are used to a more formal layout and so like that visual connection between spaces but still a clearly defined space for each function (like a breakfast nook or family room)

      In terms of styling and finishes I find there is more texture and luxurious style to American interiors. There seems to be a lot of pattern and color and texture (think plush velvets and burgundy & emerald tones), and detailing (for example shaker style kitchen cabinets and ornate hardware). What I am noticing online (thanks instagram) is a lot of Aussie designers moving away from the ‘aussie scandi’ look and into these rich layered looks which I am loving!