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    • Phil

      Is there anyone else here that has been playing with the L16 camera? I was disappointed at first, but it has been growing on me as the code has gotten better. This is a near 1:1 crop of a wide angle shot taken from quite a distance. I was going to post the original shot, but can't figure out how to add it.

    • Wow... this camera wasn't even on my radar!

      I used to shoot primarily with DSLRs then as iPhones started to get better and better every year I've switched to shoot with Mirrorless (Sony A7s) and an iPhone (X now). This Light 16 camera seems to open up a whole new world.

      I'll do more research, but would love to hear your impressions and more sample shots.

      Light 16's design looks quite interesting

    • Oh wow, someone who owns one! I've been fascinated by it but didn't know how to lay my hands on one to try it. Borrowlenses doesn't have one and they even have a Lytro. I read the PetaPixel review and didn't know what to think.

      How did you end up with one?

    • I was intrigued with the technology when it first was announced (similar to some stuff I had worked on at work) and signed up. There have been growing pains, but over time the firmware and desktop software have gotten much better. I use their app on my Mac to pre-process the depth of field and other settings and then export it out as a .dng file and then, thanks to @AceRph, use Affinity to process and work with the image. One drawback is that the image sizes are huge, but you can do a lot with them.