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    • I have over 3,500 photos stored in iCloud. I have uploaded them all to a gallery on SmugMug using the smuggy app.

      Finding a particular photo was getting harder so I created galleries for each year, from 2009 to 2017 on SmugMug. Uploaded each years photos to the relevant gallery on SmugMug then downloaded each gallery to my laptop, I left the 2017 gallery until the end of the year. It took a little time to get all of them uploaded and im sure there was a better way but its done now.

      I don't use iPhoto and didn't look at copying the photos out of iPhoto but the above worked for me.

      All new photos are uploaded to the years gallery and I can dowload the gallery at the end of the year to my mac.

    • Shay, I'm at a bit of a loss about this and I worked at SmugMug a long time. It's where all my family photos are, our extended family comes there to watch family videos all the time, it's easy to navigate and it looks pretty...

      But. The iPhone and especially Google Photos make it so much easier to find photos. I have my SmugMug photos organized like you do, but where was that photo of @Adam with Bodi and Butters again when they were pups? If I didn't keyword it, I can't find it because I can't remember when it was taken. So I search for Adam on Google Photos and it comes right up.

      SmugMug is still my fav place for my keeper photos, I just hope they can do the facial recognition stuff in the future.

    • Ditto on SmugMug but I'm not too bad now that I have split the iPhone photos into years. I can flick through a gallery of 300 or so photos fairly fast if I want to find a particular photo.

      I wanted to download them to my mac so that I can use LR to keyword them quickly and sync back to galleries.

      I'm probably being over cautious but I like having a physical copy of the photos on my mac, having them on iCloud and SmugMug wasn't the same.

    • I have thousands and thousands of photos on iPhoto and find it to be a nightmare to organize how I'd like. Whoever invents a good tool to sort it efficiently and effectively will be a very wealthy individual indeed.

    • Totally agree. I think auto-curation is absolutely the future of photo management, but not many services do it well (or at all). Google photos probably has the most robust feature set I've seen in this area (and they should given all the data they have on us!). I hope services like SmugMug dive head first into this arena. They already have beautiful galleries and powerful organizational tools, so I think auto-curation would really take that product to the next level for the everyday photographer