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    • I find myself visiting family in NYC a lot these days. It's December and I need a great boots. Any recommendations or advise on what to look for when shopping for a pair of durable winter boots?

    • Being from New Hampshire it's always easy for me to default to Timberland or LLBean (Maine). Great to know they're (back) en vogue. There is something empowering about a pair of boots that make you feel badass, (and able to walk through snow, mud and slush).

      Not sure anyone has ever told me I have style before but i'll take it, I've always been more on the Steve Job's strategy / opinion on that... I have my uniform I like to stick to although I don't think he covered #winterapparel

    • I have a pair of Merrell Phaserbound boots. They're wonderful snow boots. They're got me through many snowstorms and hundred of miles of mountain climbing. They're bad-ass, and have crampon supports unlike most boots. Highly recommend for performance though the style is questionable.

    • #NYFashionWeek. Just wow. If these were more like $50 I would 100% buy these... "for a friend". How long until I can find an authentic pair on ebay/alibaba?

    • Super comfortable and on my feet right now are the Allen Edmonds Long Branch Wingtip boots. They run sales all the time so get them for $250. Just back from Italy and wore them everyday with no issues and walked a ton.

      Also just sent these in to get refinished are the Danner Mountain Pass. Have had them since college and love the retro look.

      Key is that both companies offer recrafting services and are made in the US!

    • I think the company that does this is out of business, but I once got my boots at a store that had a machine that takes custom fit to another level: after trimming the forms to your feet, they put bags around your feet and all the air is removed to shrink wrap the mold to your foot. It looked weird and I got curious looks from other shoppers, but when they were done I had inserts that were at a high level of exactitude.

      Or, if lacing your boots is an issue ... a built-in dial that tightens your boots.