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    • Why has the crime rate plummeted?

      Here is a possible reason and an article with some other possibilities.

      "The intriguing new theory suggests that the arrival of mobile phones made holding territory less important, which reduced intergang conflict and lowered profits from drug sales."

      Crime began to decline in the early 1990's and has continued. But why? Besides cell phones, other theories were suggested.

      "...Brennan Center’s Justice Program did a large-scale review of the crime decline several years ago. For the period from 1990 to 1999, the Brennan Center found that all the following factors combined explained only about a quarter of the drop: increased incarceration, increased police numbers, aging population, growth in income, decreased alcohol consumption, and unemployment. They also concluded that the decrease in environmental lead exposure and crack use and the increase in abortions “possibly” had some effect."

      Why are crime rates falling?

    • Thanks for that link. I did not have time to read the whole paper, but it looks like it might have used some of the same data or at least referenced the same data as the article. And it does make sense.

      The article I referenced mentioned at the end that there was spike in there where crime actually went up again briefly. The article suggested we should look at why that spike happened. The spike might be one reason why the leaded gas was not the whole reason for the crime drop. But it sounds like it could be a major factor.

      I think we should be very glad that crime rates have gone down and that the same factors that might have caused it are having a positive influence in our lives.