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    • The feedback was so good on episode 1, I published an episode on how genius the food marketers and designers are. We all think "I'm smart, a critical thinker, I don't fall for marketing." But actually, in this episode it's food companies 2, us 0. And in life it's probably food companies 1 zillion, us 1 (we get a point for eventually catching on to trans fats).

      I don't monetize this, I'm not aligned with any group, I'm just tired of seeing people get Crohn's disease and heart attacks.

      Let me know what you think and if there were confusing or unbelievable parts.

    • The food companies appear as that stepmother who, while smiling nicely, is nothing but truly evil. (in fact this whole money oriented society is) I think it's the laziness in population coupled with a forceful lifestyle that prevents a healthy aliments production and diet. Why even trust someone with your alimentation and dietary health, especially since they have time and again demonstrated undesirable intent?

      My grandparents never saw a pill in their lives, never ate anything else but what they grew and raised, all of their food, all their lives. They lived to be near ninety and had eighteen children in a village / hamlet in the sub Carpathian hills, where even today electricity and "civilization" have not taken hold. And they had their own vineyard, of which I can attest the wine was almost black rather than red. Strong and amazingly smooth. Oh, and they never had any money, nor any use for them other than buying some cigarettes my grandfather smoked, and some truly non critical household items.

      I think the local farmers and producers are the key to a healthy and truly natural, sustainable food. Sure we can have air-mailed melons in midst of winter, while they have no flavor, or tomatoes that look photogenic but taste like plastic. And probably have about same nutritional value.