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    • Do you like to take afternoon naps? If so, you might be improving your cognitive function! A recent study was just done in China (Beijing and Shanghai) that concludes that taking regular afternoon naps might improve cognitive function. Specifically better “locational awareness, verbal fluency, and working memory.” 

      Of course, the study is not conclusive and there could also be some drawbacks to napping as well. Rather, that napping could also be an indicator of cognitive decline. It seems like ideally, naps that are shorter are better. At least that’s my takeaway from reading the article. So, if you are constantly napping like a child, that could be bad. 

      But anyways, I thought this was an interesting article. It does seem like overall, taking an afternoon nap/power nap is a good thing. Our bodies need to recharge and in the sleep deprived culture we live in, hitting the zzzzzs a little more often would probably do us all some good. Thoughts? 

    • I know the afternoon break is common culture in Europe and may also be elsewhere, and perhaps for this exact reason. It is healthy to rest after a meal and then start second half of the productive day with a fresh energy.

    • I love taking naps but my employer doesn't love it so much. I wouldn't say they'd argue that it won't increase my productivity but the 30 kids might cause a bit of trouble while I slept and they weren't being watched. I do enjoy a good nap when I'm not working though :)