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    • Chris

      Paul Graham is like Yoda to the Silicon Valley. He's the founder of Y Combinator, which famously provided the first funding for companies like DropBox and Airbnb. He was interviewed a couple days ago about what makes startup companies succeed.

      I have mixed feelings about him because I think he's also flooded the market with hundreds of underfunded companies that rushed to failure, as the founder of Slack says it, by shipping before their product was good enough. My opinion.

      Anyway, in his latest interview he said what he often does: determination wins over intelligence. Do you believe it?

      📷: The pros and cons of startup accelerators, Mashable.

    • DanSolarMan

      There are so many factors. If you had to pick the two you describe yes. The determined person will succeed over the more intelligent one.

      How about luck, age, health, location, experience I think I could go on for quite awhile with factors.

      What do you do? Do you invent the new best yogurt around and and several years later you’re a billionaire? You invent Facebook and your going to get there way faster than buying and selling real estate. In order to get there quick you have to sell something like toilet paper that everybody needs.

      What if you invent a cure for baldness? Lots of intelligence and you need nothing but a little business savvy to get there.

      This is a great subject to explore, what makes a person succeed fascinates me.

      How about a good family a loving wife and the ability to make good decisions?

      How about believing a higher power guides you and you do your best to follow his beliefs?

      I might submit all factors require determination, even intelligence.

      Meet Chad, he is 18. He is going to ASU. I have watched Chad grow from the age of six. I watched him win the 4A 145 weight class Washington State Wrestling Championship this year.

      Today he built his first vent for my company and I took his picture. I am thankful that he works with me. His dad helped me design and build some of my products. His dad builds national champion caliber off-road race machines from scratch on his shop floor.

      Lots of damn determination going around, how much intelligence nobody knows.

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