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    • Businesses in general tend to get locked into mindsets that cause them to not be innovative in many areas of their operations.

      I couldn't agree with you more. Specifically something I am writing on currently.

      About the only thing that really succeeds in getting the corporate world's attention is when their user base begins to dwindle or when a disruptive technology acquires users at a faster rate of speed than the industry's long term participants.

      Again, just spot on. The users are the ones who will drive this change. Provide tools to let them shine without taking away the incentive for providers with consumers interests at heart to grow and we could see this disruption or better yet an evolution.

      As far as the Brave browser, I have been giving it a chance for the last several months and it just seems to be slow. I have been moving over to Mozilla a little more lately as I know they are working on quite a few privacy controls. Knowing Mozilla grew from Netscape who lost the browser wars but is now dedicated to an open and decentralized approach is interesting to me. I also liked their response to the Contract for The Web in sharing their concern for Big Tech signing the contract without any means to hold them accountable.

      At the same time, we would like to see a clear method for accountability as part of the signatory process, particularly since some of the big tech platforms are high profile signatories. This gives more power to the commitment made by signatories to uphold the Contract about privacy, trust and ensuring the web supports the best in humanity.

      We decided not to sign the Contract but would consider doing so if stronger accountability measures are added. In the meantime, we continue Mozilla’s work, which remains strongly aligned with the substance of the Contract.

      You make great points here. Thank you for sharing.