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    • With retirement in my near future I have decided to take up a few activities that aren't expensive once the initial investment is taken care of. That brings me to backpacking. I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest where there is an endless supply of wonderful hikes near my home.

      My goal is to do some overnight and longer hikes enjoying our great outdoors.

      Years ago I tried backpacking and did OK but had a problem with finding a pack that fit me. It seems I'm in between a childs size and adults size. Knowing things have changed over the years I went and spent a couple hours at the local REI with a very knowledgeable gal that found a couple packs close but yet the should strap still rubs and pinches. She did a lot of different adjustments with the pack weighted with about 25 pounds to try to find one that works. She even took a small Gregory women's pack and changed out the shoulder straps to XS which helped but still not comfortable.

      Has anyone encountered this and was there a way to correct the issue?

      At least with REI there is a full refund available if I buy a pack and it doesn't work. Any suggestions?

    • Thanks for the reply. The waist strap was comfy and distributed the weight well. I didn't really describe my issue very well. I think the problem is my shoulders are too narrow which causes the shoulder straps to ride over to the arm too far. The top of the shoulder strap is comfortable. The problem is binding and rubbing in front of my arm pit.

      I bought an inexpensive pack from amazon and was going to send it back but have decided I'm going to see if I can reposition the straps to work for me. It will require cutting the straps and resewing them. I'm ok with doing that on a $50 pack to make it work but not a $200 or $300 pack. If it works I will take it to an upholstery shop and have the sewing done to strengthen the straps that need to be sewn back on. I don't know if it will work but I'm going to give it a shot.