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    • I didn't even get far enough into it to be annoyed by any of the content - it's just the technical side of things that just doesn't seem to work for me. Here's my setup:

      I have a Facebook account. With that account, I'm managing several pages. One of these pages is one I'm just experimenting with before doing anything serious on one of the other pages. I'm just posting random photos to the experimental page every once in a while, so this one could benefit from integration with Instagram.

      1. I installed the Instagram app, logged in with Facebook, and instantly ended up with an account set up with my Facebook data - profile image, name, contact data. Within a few hours, I already had following requests by people I know, although I had set my profile to "private" by then. Looks as if at least some identifying information such as mail address or the fact that I'm using a certain Facebook account to sign is is considered to be exempt from privacy.

      2. To set up a separate Instagram profile for my photography, I really had to search through the app. Eventually, I found out that first navigating to the profile tab and then tapping the username brings up an account picker with "Add Account" as one of its options. Tapping that, I was able to sign in with Facebook again and then choose one of the pages I'm managing. Again, most of the information was filled automatically, and I ended up with a second Instagram account. I could also switch freely between the two.

      3. Apparently, what was not automatically filled in when creating this second account was the integration with Facebook itself. Instagram's own help page states that, to crosspost to a Facebook page, you have to open "Settings", then tap "Account", then "Linked Accounts", then "Facebook", then choose the correct page among all the options. Overly complicated (also because I had to sign in with Facebook several times in the process), but eventually everything seemed to be set up.

      4. Then I created my first Instagram post - and it ended up being displayed in my personal Facebook profile feed instead of the page's feed. I double-checked my settings in the app, and it definitely was set to share to the page - but as often as I tried, it didn't. While sharing, it would even display my full name next to the sharing toggle, with no way to change it at that point.

      5. I googled for help, and found a page describing some potential solutions - including the obvious idea of signing out and in again, "Unlinking" (which brought up a weirdly worded warning message), but also the idea of tapping "Edit profile" in the Instagram app, then setting the proper Facebook page there. No idea why that is even necessary after all the hoops I jumped through before, but I did that as well.

      Eventually, I got integration to work. Instagram posts now end up in the correct Facebook feed. However, I seem to have lost access to my personal Instagram profile in the process. Adding an account in the app no longer offers "Sign in with Facebook" - and even trying to sign in via an incognito browser window on my PC just leads straight to the second profile I created. No matter what I try now, my personal Instagram profile is completely inaccessible to me. What gives?

    • Be annoyed by Facebook, not Instagram, the former owns the latter :)

      Somewhat related, Instagram has been steadily upping the advertisements/content ratio for the last 6 months or so, or at least it feels so. As a result, I feel less and less inclined to open it to check my feed.

    • Oh, I'm always annoyed by Facebook - whether I'm using it or not! ;)

      After some more investigation, turns out that tapping the "Unlink Account" button must have killed the connection between Instagram and Facebook, and I ended up with an account to which I didn't know the password, because I never set one. Password recovery rescued me, but I wonder how many users manage to lock themselves out completely by accidentally using that functionality.

    • Fascinating. I’ve listened to Kevin Systrom, the cofounder of Instagram, speak many times and always had the utmost respect for him. He would say the popularity of Instagram comes from its simplicity; to get consumer adoption, remove every last bit of friction.

      In the first years of its life, investors would push him for more features and he would push back and say they’re devoting time to simplifying. But their new owner wanted to be the everything network. Rumors were that Kevin thought that’s what Yahoo and AOL tried to become and he clashed with them. Eventually he bailed because of it.

      Me, I prefer the way Google does it: maps is one product, Gmail another, photos, search, news...they are their own things. Integrating The Gram with Facebook is hard and youth hate it. Their parents use Facebook. Ew.

    • Oh, the core experience is simple enough: open the app, scroll through photos until you see the "All Caught Up" checkmark, leave a like here or there. Tap the plus sign to post your own photos in three easy steps.

      Some ways to spice up your posts exist, but they are actually separate apps to create looping animations or multi-photo images. I haven't looked into "Stories", because that part of the app wants access to the device's camera directly instead of allowing to post from the gallery, but so far so good.

      Dealing with multiple accounts, and crossposting to different entities on a different platform on top of that, is admittedly more of a 1%-feature - but if they offer it, it should work.

      I agree that the "one app per function" philosophy is much better than having a humongous beast of an app that tries to do everything.

    • I tried it and didn’t like either. I’m not a phonetographer so it’s really no use to me anyway.

      Gimme that Flickr res any day